Undergraduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
EE 181Seminar in Electrical Engineering1010
EE 250Mathematics for Electrical Engineers3033
EE 291Supplemental Topics in Circuits and Systems I3011
EE 321Engineering Design V0000
EE 322Engineering Design VI2312
EE 333Electronics & Instrumentation Lab2300
EE 345Modeling and Simulation3033
EE 348Signals and Systems3033
EE 359Electronic Circuits3036
EE 423Engineering Design VII3714
EE 424Engineering Design VIII3803
EE 440Current Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering3033
EE 441Introduction to Wireless Systems3033
EE 448Introduction to Digital Signal Processing3033
EE 465Introduction to Communication Systems3033
EE 471Transport Phenomena in Solid State Devices4044
EE 473Electromagnetic Fields3033
EE 474Microwave Systems3033
EE 475Advanced Communication Systems3033
EE 478Control Systems3033
EE 480Optical Fiber Communication Systems3033
EE 485Research in Electrical Engineering I3803
EE 486Research in Electrical Engineering II3803
EE 493Data and Computer Communications3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CPE 181Seminar in Computer Engineering1010
CPE 322Engineering Design VI2312
CPE 345Modeling and Simulation3036
CPE 358Switching Theory and Logical Design 3033
CPE 360Computational Data Structures and Algorithms3036
CPE 384Data Structures and Algorithms I0000
CPE 385Data Structures and Algorithms II0000
CPE 390Microprocessor Systems4334
CPE 423Engineering Design VII3803
CPE 424Engineering Design VIII3803
CPE 437Interactive Computer Graphics3033
CPE 440Current Topics in Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering3033
CPE 441Introduction to Wireless Systems3033
CPE 442Database Management Systems4040
CPE 450Real-Time Embedded Systems3033
CPE 460Software Design and Development0000
CPE 462Introduction to Image Processing and Coding3033
CPE 470Parallel Processing0000
CPE 485Research in Computer Engineering I3803
CPE 486Research in Computer Engineering IV3803
CPE 487Digital System Design3033
CPE 488Computer Architecture3030
CPE 490Information Systems Engineering I3036
CPE 491Information Systems Engineering II 3033
CPE 493Data and Computer Communications3033
CPE 494Networked Systems Design: Principles and Practices3033
CPE 498Interactive Computer Graphics3030