Graduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
EE 503Introduction to Solid State Physics3000
EE 507Introduction to Microelectronics and Photonics3000
EE 509Intermediate Waves and Optics3000
EE 510Introduction to Radar Systems3000
EE 515Photonics I3000
EE 516Photonics II3030
EE 517Digital and Computer Systems Architecture3030
EE 541Physics of Gas Discharges3000
EE 542Electromagnetism3000
EE 548Digital Signal Processing3000
EE 551Engineering Programming: Python3030
EE 552Engineering Programming: Java3030
EE 553Engineering Programming: C++3030
EE 556Computing Principles for Mobile and Embedded Systems3000
EE 560Fundamentals of Remote Sensing3000
EE 561Solid State Electronics for Engineering I3000
EE 562Solid State Electronics for Engineering II3000
EE 568Software-Defined Radio3000
EE 575Introduction to Control Theory3000
EE 583Wireless communications3000
EE 584Wireless Systems Security3000
EE 585Physical Design of Wireless Systems3000
EE 586Wireless Networking: Architecture, Protocols and Standards3000
EE 587Microwave Engineering I3000
EE 588Microwave Engineering II3000
EE 589Introduction to Power Engineering3030
EE 590Smart Grid3030
EE 595Reliability and Failure of Solid State Devices3000
EE 596Micro-Fabrication Techniques3000
EE 599Curricular Practical Training1010
EE 602Analytical Methods in Electrical Engineering3000
EE 603Linear System Theory3000
EE 605Probability and Stochastic Processes I3000
EE 606Probability and Stochastic Processes II3000
EE 608Applied Modeling and Optimization3030
EE 609Communication Theory 3
EE 610Error Control Coding for Networks3000
EE 611Digital Communications Engineering3000
EE 612Principles of Multimedia Compression3000
EE 613Digital Signal Processing for Communications3000
EE 615OFDM and Multicarrier Communications3000
EE 616Signal Detection and Estimation for Communications3000
EE 617Statistical Signal Processing3000
EE 619Solid State Devices3000
EE 620Reliability Engineering3000
EE 621Nonlinear Control3000
EE 626Optical Communication Systems3000
EE 627Data Acquisition and Processing III3000
EE 628Data Acquisition and Processing II3000
EE 629Internet of Things3030
EE 631Cooperating Autonomous Mobile Robots3000
EE 647Analog and Digital Control Theory3000
EE 651Spread Spectrum and CDMA3000
EE 653Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Networks3000
EE 663Digital Signal Processing I0000
EE 664Advanced Digital Signal Processing3030
EE 666Multidimensional Signal Processing3000
EE 670Information Theory and Coding3000
EE 672Game Theory for Wireless Networks3000
EE 673Wireless Communications0000
EE 674Satellite Communications3000
EE 681Fourier Optics3000
EE 683Wireless Systems Overview0000
EE 684Spread Spectrum and CDMA3030
EE 685Physical Design of Wireless Systems0000
EE 686High-Level Operation, Performance, Standards, and Control of Wireless Communications Systems3030
EE 689Applied Antenna Theory3030
EE 690Introduction to VLSI Design0000
EE 693 Heterogeneous Computing Architecture and Hardware3030
EE 695Applied Machine Learning3030
EE 700Seminar in Electrical Engineering 0000
EE 701EE Co-Op Education Project0000
EE 710Selected Topics in Multicarrier Communications0000
EE 740Selected Topics in Communication Theory3000
EE 775Selected Topics in Information Theory and Coding3000
EE 800Special Problems in Electrical Engineering 3000
EE 801Special Problems in Electrical Engineering3000
EE 810Special Topics in Electrical Engineering3030
EE 900Thesis in Electrical Engineering (ME)3000
EE 950Electrical Engineering Design Project (Deg EE)3000
EE 960Research in Electrical Engineering3000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CPE 514Computer Architecture3030
CPE 517Digital and Computer Systems Architecture3030
CPE 521Autonomous Mobile Robotic Systems3000
CPE 533Cost Estimation and Metrics0000
CPE 536Integrated Services - Multimedia3030
CPE 537Interactive Computer Graphics3030
CPE 540Fundamentals of Quantitative Software Engineering I3000
CPE 542Fundamentals of Quantitative Software Engineering II3000
CPE 545Communication Software and Middleware3000
CPE 548Digital Signal Processing3000
CPE 550Computer Organization and Programming3030
CPE 551Engineering Programming: Python3030
CPE 552Engineering Programming: Java3030
CPE 555Real-Time and Embedded Systems3000
CPE 556Computing Principles for Mobile and Embedded Systems3000
CPE 558Computer Vision3030
CPE 560Introduction to Networked Information Systems3000
CPE 563Networked Applications Engineering3000
CPE 565Management of Local Area Networks3000
CPE 579Foundations of Cryptography3030
CPE 580The Logic of Program Design3000
CPE 585Medical Instrumentation and Imaging3000
CPE 590Algorithms3030
CPE 591Introduction to Multimedia Networking3000
CPE 592Computer and Multimedia Network Security3000
CPE 593Applied Data Structures & Algorithms3000
CPE 599Curricular Practical Training3030
CPE 600Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation3030
CPE 602Applied Discrete Mathematics3000
CPE 604Analytical Methods for Networks3030
CPE 608Applied Modeling and Optimization3000
CPE 610Introduction to Bioinformatics Engineering3030
CPE 612Principles of Multimedia Compression 3
CPE 619E-Commerce Technologies3000
CPE 625Systems Operational Effectiveness and Life-Cycle Analysis3000
CPE 631Cooperating Autonomous Mobile Robots3030
CPE 636Integrated Services - Multimedia0000
CPE 638Advanced Computer Graphics3030
CPE 640Software Engineering I3030
CPE 642Software Engineering II3030
CPE 643Logical Design of Digital Systems I3000
CPE 644Logical Design of Digital Systems II3000
CPE 645Image Processing and Computer Vision3000
CPE 646Pattern Recognition and Classification3000
CPE 653Cross-layer Design for Wireless Networks3000
CPE 654Design and Analysis of Network Systems3000
CPE 655Queuing Systems with Computer Applications I3000
CPE 656Queuing Systems with Computer Applications II3000
CPE 658Image Analysis and Wavelets3000
CPE 664Advanced Digital Signal Processing3000
CPE 668Foundations of Cryptography 3
CPE 671High-Speed Signal and Image Processing with VLSI3000
CPE 678Information Networks I3030
CPE 679Computer and Information Networks3030
CPE 680Ad Hoc Networks3000
CPE 682Fuzzy Logic Systems3000
CPE 685Computational Systems Biology3030
CPE 686Software Tools in Bioinformatics3030
CPE 690Introduction to VLSI Design3000
CPE 691Information Systems Security3000
CPE 693Cryptographic Protocols3030
CPE 695Applied Machine Learning3030
CPE 700Seminar in Computer Engineering (ECE Seminar)0000
CPE 701CPE Co-Op Education Project0000
CPE 702Selected Topics in Imaging and Pattern Recognition3030
CPE 732Selected Topics VLSI Design and Simulation3
CPE 765Selected Topics in Computer Engineering3
CPE 800Special Problems in Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)1010
CPE 801Special Problems in Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)1010
CPE 810Special Topics in Computer Engineering3030
CPE 900Thesis in Computer Engineering (M.Eng.)1010
CPE 950Computer Engineer Design Project1010
CPE 960Research in Computer Engineering (Ph.D.)1010
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
NIS 505Probability for Telecommunications Managers3030
NIS 514Computer Architecture3030
NIS 521Communication Software and Middleware0000
NIS 536Integrated Services - Multimedia3030
NIS 545Communication Software and Middleware3030
NIS 560Introduction to Networked Information Systems 3
NIS 561Database Management Systems I
NIS 563Networked Applications Engineering3000
NIS 564Design & Analysis of Network Systems
NIS 565Management of Local Area Networks 3000
NIS 583Wireless Communications3000
NIS 584Wireless Systems Security 3
NIS 586Wireless Networking: Architecture, Protocols and Standards3000
NIS 591Introduction to Multimedia Networking3000
NIS 592Multimedia Network Security3000
NIS 593Applied Data Structures & Algorithms3000
NIS 599Curricular Practical Training3030
NIS 602Applied Discrete Mathematics for Engineers3000
NIS 604Analytical Methods for Networks3030
NIS 605Probability and Stochastic Processes I3030
NIS 608Applied Modeling and Optimization3030
NIS 609Communications Theory3030
NIS 610Error Control Coding for Networks3000
NIS 611Digital Communications Engineering3000
NIS 612Principles of Multimedia Compression3000
NIS 619E-Commerce Technologies3000
NIS 626Optical Communication Systems 3
NIS 630Enterprise Systems Management3000
NIS 631Management of Information Technology Organizations3
NIS 632Strategic Management of Information Technology3030
NIS 633Integrating IS Technologies3000
NIS 645Image Processing and Computer Vision3000
NIS 651Spread Spectrum and CDMA3000
NIS 653Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Networks3000
NIS 654Design and Analysis of Network Systems3000
NIS 655Queuing Systems with Communications Applications I3000
NIS 656Queuing Systems with Computer Applications II3000
NIS 672Game Theory for Wireless Networks 3
NIS 674Satellite Communications
NIS 678Information Networks I 3030
NIS 679Computer and Information Networks3000
NIS 691Information Systems Security 3000
NIS 700Seminar in Networked Information Systems 0000
NIS 765Selected Topics in Networked Information Systems3030
NIS 770Economics of Networks3030
NIS 800Special Problems in Networked Information Systems1010
NIS 810Special Topics in Networked Information Systems3030
NIS 900Thesis in Networked Information Systems (M.Eng.)0000