Undergraduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CS 105Introduction to Scientific Computing3226
CS 115Introduction to Computer Science4238
CS 135Discrete Structures4238
CS 146Introduction to Web Programming and Project Development3036
CS 181Introduction to Computer Science Honors I4040
CS 182Introduction to Computer Science Honors II4040
CS 284Data Structures4044
CS 334Automata and Computation3030
CS 347Software Development Process3030
CS 370Creative Problem Solving and Team Programming3033
CS 381Switching Theory & Logical Design3030
CS 383Computer Organization and Programming3030
CS 385Algorithms4048
CS 390Microprocessor Systems4334
CS 392Systems Programming3030
CS 397Outreach Participation1010
CS 423Senior Design I3030
CS 424Senior Design II3030
CS 425Cybersecurity Capstone I3030
CS 426Cybersecurity Capstone II3030
CS 442Database Management Systems3036
CS 443Database Practicum3036
CS 465Selected Topics in Computer Science3036
CS 485Societal Impact of Information Technologies1010
CS 488Computer Architecture3030
CS 492Operating Systems3030
CS 496Principles of Programming Languages3030
CS 497Independent Study3800
CS 498Senior Research I3800
CS 499Senior Research II3800