Stevens Mission

To inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow's technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time.

Stevens believes that solutions to many of the critical problems that face humanity can be found in improved use and understanding of technology, and that it is the duty of the Institute to produce engineers, scientists and business leaders prepared for this challenge. This vision is embodied in a concept that the process of education must include innovation and entrepreneurship that begins with the inception of an idea and proceeds through the engineering and marketing phases of the development of a product or service which germinates from the idea. Inherent in this concept is the requirement that the educational structure and research effort be multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary. It provides researchers with the opportunity to collaborate in research efforts that cut across disciplinary boundaries and also provides the working professional with the broad educational experience that is essential in career enhancement. Stevens demonstrates its commitment through the development of several startup companies, increased patent activity, and the incorporation of innovation and design philosophies, concepts and techniques in the classroom.

The Stevens vision during the next decade is to become a premier student-centric technological research university. Stevens will achieve this goal through five key strategic priorities.

  • Student-Centricity. Stevens will place an extraordinary emphasis on the development of its students, their academic and leadership development, career preparation, and personal growth.
  • Excellence in All We Do. Stevens will have an unrelenting commitment to excellence in all that it does. 
  • Through Collaboration, Impact. Building on its agility and collaborative spirit, Stevens will break down internal barriers to collaborative education and research to maximize the impact of the work of its faculty and students.
  • Technology at our Core. Proud of its legacy, Stevens will embrace the power of technology as its differentiator: to offer a distinctive educational experience to its students, to drive its research and scholarship programs, to devise novel teaching and learning methods, and to enhance its administrative, outreach and communication activities.
  • Strengthened Reputation, Increased Prestige. Stevens alumni, faculty, and research have made a substantial mark on the world for more than 140 years and Stevens will ensure that the students continue to play a critical role in solving society?s technology-based problems of the 21st century.