Graduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CS 306Introduction to IT Security4130
CS 501Introduction to JAVA Programming3030
CS 503Discrete Mathematics for Cryptography3030
CS 505Probability and Stochastic Processes I 3030
CS 510Principles of Programming Languages3030
CS 511Concurrent Programming3036
CS 513Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining3030
CS 514Computer Architecture3030
CS 516Compiler Design3030
CS 519Introduction to E-commerce3030
CS 520Introduction to Operating Systems3030
CS 521TCP/IP Networking3030
CS 522Mobile Systems and Applications3030
CS 524Introduction to Cloud Computing3030
CS 526Enterprise and Cloud Computing3030
CS 5323D Computer Vision3030
CS 533Cost Estimation and Metrics0000
CS 535Financial Computing3030
CS 536Integrated Services - Multimedia3030
CS 537Interactive Computer Graphics3030
CS 538Visual Analytics3030
CS 539Real-Time Rendering, Gaming, and Simulations Programming3030
CS 541Artificial Intelligence3030
CS 543Principles of Computer Mediated Entertainment3030
CS 544Health Informatics3030
CS 545Human-Computer Interaction3030
CS 546Web Programming3030
CS 547Web Programming II3030
CS 548Enterprise Software Architecture and Design3030
CS 549Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing3030
CS 550Computer Organization and Programming 3030
CS 553Introduction to Text Mining and Statistical Natural Language Processing3000
CS 554Web Programming II3030
CS 555Agile Methods for Software Development3030
CS 558Computer Vision3030
CS 559Machine Learning: Fundamentals and Applications3030
CS 561Database Management Systems I3030
CS 562Database Management Systems II3030
CS 564Software Requirements Aquisition and Analysis0000
CS 568Software Development Project I3030
CS 569Software Development Project II3030
CS 570Introduction to Programming in C++3030
CS 571Java3030
CS 573Fundamentals of CyberSecurity3030
CS 574Object-Oriented Analysis and Design3030
CS 576Secure Systems3030
CS 577Cybersecurity Laboratory3030
CS 578Privacy in a Networked World3030
CS 579Foundations of Cryptography3030
CS 581Online Social Networks3030
CS 582Causal Inference3030
CS 585Introduction to Game Development3030
CS 586Machine Learning for Game Design3030
CS 587Game Engine Design3030
CS 590Algorithms3030
CS 593Data Mining II: Advanced Algorithms for Mining Big Data3030
CS 594Enterprise Security and Information Assurance3030
CS 596Introduction to Windows Programming3030
CS 597User Exp Design & Programming3030
CS 600Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation3030
CS 601Algorithmic Complexity3030
CS 609Data Management and Exploration on the Web3030
CS 615Systems Administration3030
CS 625Foundations of Distributed Computing3030
CS 629Advanced Internet Protocols3003
CS 630Models of Computation and Formal Languages3030
CS 631Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment3030
CS 634Decidability and Computability3030
CS 638Advanced Computer Graphics3030
CS 643Formal Verification of Software3030
CS 651Introduction to Network and Graph Theory3030
CS 655Queuing Systems With Computer Applications I0000
CS 656Queuing Systems with Computer Applications II0000
CS 660Graph Algorithms3030
CS 665Network Forensics3030
CS 669Network Management3030
CS 675Threats, Exploits, and Countermeasures 3030
CS 677Multicore Platforms for Cognitive Gaming and Simulation3030
CS 687Engineering of Large Software Systems0000
CS 688Software Testing, Quality Assurance & Maintenance0000
CS 689Software Reliability Engineering0000
CS 691Introduction to Systems Biology3030
CS 693Cryptographic Protocols3030
CS 694Advanced Computational Modeling in Biology and Biomaterials Science3030
CS 695Host Forensics3030
CS 696Database Security3030
CS 700Formal Semantics of Programming Language3030
CS 701CS Co-Op Education Project0000
CS 703Curricular Practical Training1010
CS 777Introduction to Expert Systems3030
CS 800Special Problems in Computer Science (M.S.)0000
CS 801Special Problems in Computer Science (Ph.D.)0000
CS 802Software Engineering Examination6000
CS 810Special Topics in Computer Science3030
CS 900Thesis in Computer Science (M.S.)0000
CS 950Design Project0000
CS 960Research in Computer Science(Ph.D.)0000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
SOC 501Introduction to JAVA Programming3030
SOC 510Human- Computer Interaction3030
SOC 512Online Social Networks for SOC3030
SOC 519Introduction to E-commerce3030
SOC 521Software Requirements Acquisition and Analysis3030
SOC 524Introduction to Cloud Computing3030
SOC 542Enterprise Software Architecture and Design3030
SOC 550Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining3030
SOC 551Privacy in a Networked World3030
SOC 552Health Informatics3030
SOC 553Introduction to Text Mining and Statistical Natural Language Processing3030
SOC 585Introduction to Game Development3030
SOC 594Enterprise Security and Information Assurance3030
SOC 605Introduction to Service -Oriented Computing3030
SOC 606Introduction to Developing Internet Applications3033
SOC 611Fundamentals of Service Oriented Computing3030
SOC 641Distributed Application Development3030
SOC 703Curricular Practical Training1010
SOC 810Special Topics in Service Oriented Computing0000