Physical Education, Athletics & Recreation

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Physical Education conducts a structured instructional class program which provides students with knowledge and skills in a wide range of lifetime, team, dance and wellness oriented activities. Students participate in a multitude of sport activities which can be enjoyed both during college and beyond. They may choose from the following classes: aerobics, archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, fencing, fitness, cardio-kickboxing, CPR certification, dance, golf, nutrition, outdoor adventure, outdoor leadership, pilates, racquetball, rock climbing, sailing, scuba, northern shaolin, softball, squash, strength and conditioning, swimming, tai chi, tennis, wellness, indoor cycling, and yoga. The Physical Education course offerings are updated on an annual basis to meet the needs and interests of the student body. Course offerings may vary from semester to semester.

Physical Education (P.E.) Requirements

The following are the P.E. graduation requirements for all Stevens students for non-academic credit.

They will appear on the student record as pass/fail. All students must complete four semester credits of Physical Education (P.E.). 

All PE courses must be completed by the end of the sixth semester. Students can enroll in more than the minimum required P.E. for graduation.

Participation in varsity sports can be used to satisfy up to three credits of the P.E. requirement.

Participation in supervised, competitive club sports can be used to satisfy up to two credits of the Director of Campus recreation and the Physical Education  requirement, with approval from the P.E. Coordinator.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Russell Rogers, Director

Associate Professors

Nicholas Mykulak, M.A., Coordinator of Physical Education
Linda Vollkommer - Lynch, B.A.