Graduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
PEP 500Physics Review3030
PEP 501Fundamentals of Atomic Physics3036
PEP 503Introduction to Solid State Physics3036
PEP 506Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology3036
PEP 507Introduction to Microelectronics and Photonics3030
PEP 509Intermediate Waves and Optics3036
PEP 510Modern Optics Lab3030
PEP 512Introduction to Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Reactors3030
PEP 515Photonics I3030
PEP 516Photonics II 3030
PEP 520Computational Physics3036
PEP 524Introduction to Surface Science3036
PEP 525Techniques of Surface and Nanostructure Characterization3030
PEP 527Mathematical Methods of Science and Engineering I3036
PEP 528Mathematical Methods of Science and Engineering II3030
PEP 530Fundamental Principles of Physical Science3030
PEP 531Fundamental Principles of Earth Science3030
PEP 532Energy Production and Consumption3030
PEP 533Understanding Global Climate Change3030
PEP 538Introduction to Mechanics3030
PEP 540Physical Electronics3036
PEP 541Physics of Gas Discharges3030
PEP 542Electromagnetism3036
PEP 544Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion3036
PEP 545Plasma Processing3030
PEP 550Fluid Mechanics 3036
PEP 551Advanced Physics Laboratory I0000
PEP 553Quantum Mechanics and Engineering Applications3036
PEP 554Quantum Mechanics II3036
PEP 555Statistical Physics and Kinetic Theory3036
PEP 556Introduction to Quantum Control3036
PEP 561Solid State Electronics for Engineering I3030
PEP 562Solid State Electronics for Engineering II3036
PEP 570Guided-Wave Optics3036
PEP 575Fundamentals of Atmospheric Radiation and Climate3030
PEP 577Laser Theory and Design3036
PEP 578Laser Applications and Advanced Optics3030
PEP 580Electronic Materials and Devices3036
PEP 585Physical Design of Wireless Systems3036
PEP 595Reliability and Failure of Solid State Devices3036
PEP 596Micro-Fabrication Techniques3036
PEP 601Fundamentals of Data Transmitting0000
PEP 602Secure and Robust Communications0000
PEP 603Physical and Logical Security0000
PEP 604Secure Telecomm Wireless System Design0000
PEP 607Plasma Physics I3036
PEP 608Plasma Physics II3036
PEP 610Advanced Modern Optics Laboratory3036
PEP 619Solid State Devices3036
PEP 621Quantum Chemistry3036
PEP 626Optical Communication Systems3036
PEP 630Nonlinear Dynamics3036
PEP 642Mechanics3036
PEP 643Electricity and Magnetism I3036
PEP 644Electricity and Magnetism II3036
PEP 651Advanced Physics Lab II0000
PEP 653Quantum Mechanics II3036
PEP 661Solid State Physics I3030
PEP 662Solid State Physics II3030
PEP 667Statistical Mechanics3036
PEP 678Physics of Optical Communication Systems3036
PEP 679Fourier Optics3036
PEP 680Quantum Optics3036
PEP 685Physical Design of Wireless Systems0000
PEP 690Introduction to VLSI Design3036
PEP 691Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures3036
PEP 700Quantum Electron Physics and Technology Seminar1012
PEP 701Seminar on Current Topics in Physics and Applications1012
PEP 704Group Theory for Physics in Solid State and Molecular Physics3036
PEP 722Molecular Spectroscopy3036
PEP 739Theory of Relativity3036
PEP 740The Physics of Nanostructures3036
PEP 750Quantum Field Theory3036
PEP 751Elementary Particles3036
PEP 754Advanced Quantum Mechanics3036
PEP 757Quantum Field Theory Methods in Statistical and Many-Body Physics3036
PEP 758Quantum Statistical Mechanics3036
PEP 764Advanced Quantum Mechanics0000
PEP 777Methods of Quantum Control3030
PEP 800Special Topics in Physics (MS)3000
PEP 801Special Topics in Physics (PhD)0000
PEP 810Special Topics in Physics and Engineering Physics A participating seminar on topics of current interest and importance in Physics and Engineering Physics0000
PEP 900Thesis in Physics (MS)0000
PEP 901Thesis in Engineering Physics0000
PEP 960Research in Physics (PhD)0000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
NANO 503Introduction to Solid State Physics3030
NANO 525Techniques of Surface and Nanostructure Characterization3030
NANO 553Introduction to Quantum Mechanics3030
NANO 554Quantum Mechanics I3030
NANO 555Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles3030
NANO 570Environmental Chemistry3036
NANO 571Physicochemical Processes for Environmental Control3036
NANO 596Fabrication Techniques for Micro and Nano Devices3036
NANO 600Nanoscale Science and Technology3030
NANO 602Principles of Inorganic Materials Synthesis3033
NANO 610Health and Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology3030
NANO 615Crystallization of Biological Molecules3033
NANO 650Advanced Biomaterials3030
NANO 652Design and Fabrication of Micro and Nano Electromechanical Systems3030
NANO 653Nanocatalysis3033
NANO 672Polymers at Solid-Liquid Interfaces3030
NANO 674Polymer Functionality3036
NANO 675Nanomedicine3036
NANO 680Fundamentals of Micro/Nano Fluidics3030
NANO 682Colloids and Interfacial Phenomena at the Nanoscale3030
NANO 685Nanobiotechnology3030
NANO 690Cellular Signal Transduction 3030
NANO 691Physics and Applications of Semiconductor Nanostructures3036
NANO 695Bio/Nano Photonics3030
NANO 700Seminar in Nanotechnology0000
NANO 701Multiscale Mechanics and Computational Methods3030
NANO 702Microchemical Systems3033
NANO 740The Physics of Nanostructures3030
NANO 810Special Topics in Nanotechnology3030