Graduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CE 503Engineering Hydraulics3000
CE 504Water Resources Engineering3000
CE 518Advanced Mechanics of Materials3000
CE 519Advanced Structural Analysis0000
CE 520Soil Behavior and its Role in Environmental Applications0000
CE 525Engineering Hydrology0000
CE 526Watershed Modeling0000
CE 527Wetland Hydrology0000
CE 530Nondestructive Evaluation3000
CE 535Stormwater Management0000
CE 541Project Management for Construction 3000
CE 555Introductory Railroad Engineering3030
CE 560Advanced Soil Testing0000
CE 561Fundamentals of Remote Sensing3000
CE 565Numerical Methods for Civil and Environmental Engineering0000
CE 576Multi-Hazard Engineering3000
CE 578Coastal and Flood Plain Engineering3000
CE 579Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures0000
CE 591Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology3000
CE 595Geotechnical Design 0000
CE 596Trans Systems Planning & Operation3030
CE 601Theory of Elasticity3000
CE 607Theory of Elastic Stability3000
CE 608Theory of Plates and Shells3000
CE 613Matrix Analysis of Structures0000
CE 619Knowledge of computer programming0000
CE 621Bridge Design for Structural Engineers3000
CE 623Structural Dynamics0000
CE 626Earthquake Engineering Design3000
CE 628Wind Effects on Structures0000
CE 640Prestressed Concrete3000
CE 648Numerical Hydrodynamics3000
CE 649Earth Supporting Structures 0000
CE 650Water Distribution Systems Analysis0000
CE 651Drainage Design and Modeling0000
CE 652Hydrologic Modeling0000
CE 654Environmental Geotechnology3000
CE 660Advanced Steel Structures0000
CE 679Regression and Stochastic Methods0000
CE 681Introduction to Finite Element Methods0000
CE 682Design of Hydraulic Equipment3000
CE 684Mixing Processes in Inland and Coastal Waters0000
CE 685Advanced Hydraulics0000
CE 687Design of Hydraulic Structures 0000
CE 691Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology
CE 695Traffic Flow Modeling & Operations3030
CE 702Multiscale Mechanics and Computational Methods3000
CE 710Multiscale Mechanics and Computational Methods0000
CE 741Hydraulic Structures0000
CE 746Advanced Soil Mechanics0000
CE 780-781Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering I-II3
CE 800Special Problems in Civil Engineering3000
CE 801Special Problems in Civil Engineering (PHD) 3000
CE 802Special Problems in Civil Engineering (Deg CE)3000
CE 900Thesis in Civil Engineering (ME) 5000
CE 950Civil Engineering Project (Deg CE)8000
CE 960Research in Civil Engineering (PHD)0000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
EN 504Basics of Air Pollution Assessment3000
EN 505Environmental Engineering0000
EN 506Air Pollution Principles and Control3036
EN 520Soil Behavior and its Role in Environmental Applications0000
EN 530Introduction to Sustainable Engineering3030
EN 541Fate and Transport of Environmental Contaminants3030
EN 545Environmental Impact Analysis and Planning0000
EN 547Project Life Cycle Management0000
EN 548Environmental Compatibility in Design and Manufacturing0000
EN 549Environmental Risk Assessment and Management0000
EN 550Environmental Chemistry of Atmospheric Processes3030
EN 551Environmental Chemistry of Soils and Natural Surfaces3036
EN 553Groundwater Engineering0000
EN 555Catalysis and Characterization of Nanoparticles3030
EN 560Fundamentals of Remote Sensing3000
EN 570Environmental Chemistry3030
EN 571Physicochemical Processes for Environmental Control3030
EN 573Biological Processes for Environmental Control3030
EN 575Environmental Biology3036
EN 586Hazardous Waste Management0000
EN 587Environmental Law and Management0000
EN 590Risk-Based Compliance in the Pharmaceutical Industry3030
EN 591Sustainable Trans Systems3030
EN 610Health and Environmental Impact of Nanotechnology3000
EN 618HAZMAT Spill Response Planning 0000
EN 637Environmental Control Laboratory0000
EN 651Environmental Chemistry of Soils and Natural Surfaces0000
EN 654Environmental Geotechnology0000
EN 680Modeling of Environmental Systems0000
EN 683Coastal Oceanography for Environmental Engineers
EN 686Groundwater Hydrology and Pollution0000
EN 690Soil and Groundwater Remediation Technologies0000
EN 702Curricular Practical Training3030
EN 723Flow & Mass Transport in Porous Media
EN 751Design of Wastewater Facilities0000
EN 771Advanced Environmental Separation Processes3000
EN 780Nonlinear Correlation and System Identification0000
EN 800Special Problems in Environmental Engineering0000
EN 801Special Problems in Environmental Engineering0000
EN 900Thesis in Environmental Engineering0000
EN 960Research in Environmental Engineering0000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
OE 501Oceanography0000
OE 503Seminar in Ocean Engineering0000
OE 505Introduction to Maritime Systems0000
OE 520Design of Marine Structures0000
OE 524Introduction to Ship Design and Ship Building3036
OE 525Principles of Naval Architecture0000
OE 526Computer-Aided Aspect of Naval Architecture3000
OE 527Laboratory in Naval Architecture0000
OE 528Computer-Aided Ship Design3000
OE 529Maritime Safety and Security3000
OE 530Yacht Design3000
OE 531Total Ship Design I3036
OE 532Total Ship Design II3036
OE 533Nuclear Terrorism and Security3030
OE 535Ocean Measurements and Analysis3000
OE 539Introduction to Underwater Acoustics0000
OE 550Environmental Acoustics and Acoustical Remote Environmental Monitoring3000
OE 560Fundamentals of Remote Sensing3000
OE 580Surfzone Hydrodynamics0000
OE 585Littoral Processes0000
OE 589Coastal Engineering0000
OE 591Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology0000
OE 610Marine Transportation0000
OE 612Environmental Issues in Maritime Systems0000
OE 614Economic Issues in Maritime Systems0000
OE 616Sediment Transport0000
OE 618HAZMAT Spill Response Planning 0000
OE 620Design of Marine Structures3000
OE 622Design of Port Structures I 0000
OE 623Design of Port Structures II 0000
OE 626Port Planning and Development 0000
OE 628Technologies for Maritime Security0000
OE 629Advanced Maritime Security0000
OE 630Hydrodynamics0000
OE 631Fluid Dynamics for Ocean Engineering3000
OE 633Dynamic Oceanography0000
OE 634Air-Sea Interactions:Theory and Measurement3000
OE 635Stochastic Analysis of Ocean Waves0000
OE 636Topics in the Application of Stochastic Process Theory in Ocean Engineering3000
OE 637Estuarine Oceanography
OE 641Dynamics of Ocean Waves0000
OE 642Motion of Vessels in Waves0000
OE 643Stability and Control of Marine Craft0000
OE 644Design of Ship Propellers3000
OE 645Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Craft0000
OE 647Advanced Hydrodynamic Laboratory0000
OE 648Numerical Hydrodynamics0000
OE 660Naval Ship Acquisition Process3030
OE 661Principle of Naval Ship Systems3030
OE 683Coastal Oceanography for Environmental Engineers0000
OE 684Mixing Processes in Inland and Coastal Waters
OE 688Coastal Ocean Dynamics I0000
OE 690-691Special Topics in Ocean Engineering I,II3
OE 702Curricular Practical Training3030
OE 800Special Problems in Ocean Engineering (ME)0000
OE 801Special Problems in Ocean Engineering (PhD)0000
OE 810Special Topics in Ocean Engineering0000
OE 900Thesis in Ocean Engineering0000
OE 960Research in Ocean Engineering (PhD)0000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CM 501Construction Engineering I0000
CM 502Construction Engineering II0000
CM 505Construction Safety Management3000
CM 506Computer Application in the Construction Process3000
CM 508Transportation Engineering3000
CM 509Construction Cost Analysis & Estimating0000
CM 511Construction Accounting0000
CM 512Problems in Heavy Construction3000
CM 521Construction Organizations3000
CM 522Labor Relations0000
CM 531Construction Materials0000
CM 541Project Management for Construction0000
CM 542Quality Management & Construction Performance0000
CM 543Construction Contract Management3000
CM 545Environmental Impact Analysis and Planning3000
CM 550Construction Contract Law I0000
CM 551Construction Contract Law II: Claims and Disputes0000
CM 560Sustainable Design3000
CM 561Green Construction3000
CM 571Practicum in Construction Management I0000
CM 580Construction Management I0000
CM 581Temporary Structures in Heavy Construction0000
CM 587Environmental Law and Management0000
CM 590Construction Management II0000
CM 800Special Problems in Construction Management (MS)3000
CM 810Special Topics in Construction Management0000
CM 900Thesis in Construction Management