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   Scientific Committee:
Gilbert Baumslag ,The City College of NY
Rostislav Grigorchuk,Texas A&M
Alexei Miasnikov, Stevens Institute
Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt


   Organizing Committee:
Murray Elder, Univ. of Newcastle (Aus)
Bob Gilman, Stevens Institute
Alexei Miasnikov , Stevens Institute
Alex Myasnikov, Stevens Institute
Denis Serbin, Stevens Institute
Alexander Ushakov, Stevens Institute


   Contact Information:
Denis Serbin
email:   dserbin    
phone: (201) 216-5425


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Welcome to the First Online Seminar dedicated to Group Theory and Non-Commutative Algebra.

The seminar presents a unique opportunity for mathematicians from around the world to communicate and share their ideas on a regular basis without leaving the office or even home. Participants include faculty and students from US, Canada, Australia, Europe and Russia.

If you are a first-time participant please visit the technical advice page.

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Next Presentation
   Thursday,  October 2,  1:30pm  (New York Time)

Jan Cannizzo
(Stevens Institute of Technology)

"An introduction to sofic structures"

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I'll aim to give a gentle introduction to soficity, a notion which has attracted a great deal of attention over the past fifteen years, ever since Gromov defined sofic groups in 1999. The notion of soficity has by now been generalized to many other structures, among them unimodular random graphs, discrete measured equivalence relations, groupoids, and monoids. I'll try to present the varying definitions within a common framework of ideas, discuss key results and open problems, and, time permitting, mention some ongoing research concerning sofic semigroups.

Seminar Schedule Fall 2014
Oct   2   Jan Cannizzo (Stevens Institute of Technology)
"An introduction to sofic structures"
Oct  16   Nicholas Touikan (Stevens Institute of Technology)
"On some algorithmic problems in Nilpotent groups"
Oct  30   TBA
Nov  13   TBA
Nov  20   TBA
Dec   4   TBA

For information on the website or other questions please contact
Alex Myasnikov:
(201) 216-8598
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ