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   Scientific Committee:
Gilbert Baumslag ,The City College of NY
Rostislav Grigorchuk,Texas A&M
Alexei Miasnikov, Stevens Institute
Mark Sapir, Vanderbilt


   Organizing Committee:
Murray Elder, Univ. of Newcastle (Aus)
Bob Gilman, Stevens Institute
Alexei Miasnikov , Stevens Institute
Alex Myasnikov, Stevens Institute
Denis Serbin, Stevens Institute
Alexander Ushakov, Stevens Institute


   Contact Information:
Denis Serbin
email:   dserbin    
phone: (201) 216-5425


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Seminars are broadcast via Stevens Blackboard Collaborate connection, where users may interact, ask questions, and write on whiteboards etc. We ask you to use headphones in order to avoid echo effects. You might also like to have a microphone -- you can buy reasonably cheap headsets which have a small microphone attached from Staples/OfficeMax type stores. Presenters may find it more convenient to use a pen tablet. Basic tablets are relatively inexpensive and more than enough for online presentations.

You would need a web browser, Macromedia Flash Player and Java v.1.6 to participate in Blackboard Collaborate online meetings. These are all standard packages and there is a good chance that you already have it installed on your computer. No other special software is required. For more details on the system requirements click here. When you connect to the meeting, it will automatically test your system for compatibility and install missing pieces of software. We would like to ask you to input your full name (first and last) to avoid confusion of having people registered under one name.

Blackboard Collaborate software is intuitive and easy to use. A quick reference participant's guide is available here.

Presenter's guide (PDF)

Participant's guide (PDF)

Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support

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For information on the website or other questions please contact
Alex Myasnikov:
(201) 216-8598
Stevens Institute of Technology
Hoboken, NJ