Undergraduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
BT 100Principles of Management3036
BT 101Business Plan I: Introduction to Business Planning and Field Study 3030
BT 102Business Plan II: Diagnosing the Internal Capabilities of a Company3033
BT 115Financial Accounting4043
BT 121IT & Communications: Introduction to E-Business 3033
BT 131Technogenesis: Introduction to Innovation and Creativity 3030
BT 181Seminar in Business1000
BT 200Financial Accounting3036
BT 201Business Plan III: Diagnosing and Measuring Customer Satisfaction3033
BT 202Business Plan IV: Diagnosing the External Environment3033
BT 214Marketing Analytics and Research3030
BT 215Managerial Accounting3036
BT 221Statistics3036
BT 223Applied Models and Simulation3036
BT 230Marketing Analytics3030
BT 243Macroeconomics3036
BT 244Microeconomics3036
BT 290Business Career Semimar1010
BT 301Strategy3036
BT 302The Business Model3036
BT 321Corporate Finance3036
BT 322Capital Markets3036
BT 325Financial Statement Analysis3030
BT 326Key Accounting Policy Issues in a Modern Global Corporation3000
BT 330Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior3036
BT 333Database Management3030
BT 334Science and Technology IV: Introduction to Chemistry and Materials3033
BT 343Intermediate Macroeconomics3030
BT 344Intermediate Microeconomics3030
BT 350Marketing3036
BT 352Managing Innovation and Technology2022
BT 353Project Management3030
BT 360International Business3036
BT 372Entrepreneurship3036
BT 401Capital Structure & Strategy Audit3036
BT 402Business Plan VIII: Plan Perfection and Presentation3033
BT 403Marketing Strategy in a Digital World3033
BT 411Senior Design I2204
BT 412Senior Design II3606
BT 413Business Law3036
BT 414E-Commerce Infrastructure3033
BT 415Entrepreneurship3036
BT 416Business Process Management4040
BT 418Investment Strategies3000
BT 419Entrepreneurship Practicum3030
BT 420Independent Company Project3000
BT 421Systems Analysis and Design3033
BT 422Decision Making3030
BT 423Intellectual Property and International Business Law3030
BT 425Portfolio Management3033
BT 426Equity Valuation3036
BT 430Introduction to Derivatives3036
BT 435Social Media and Network Analysis3030
BT 440Money, Banking and Financial Institutions3036
BT 442Fixed Income Analysis3030
BT 445Virtual and Physical Consumer Behavior3030
BT 447Creativity and Innovation3030
BT 450Global Management Seminar3033
BT 454International Economics and Finance3030
BT 465Public Relations3030
BT 475Digital Entrepreneurship3030
BT 499Independent Study3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
MIS 201Fundamentals of Information Systems 4228
MIS 410Designing Information Systems3033
MIS 430Integrating Information Systems3033
MIS 440Information Networks3033
MIS 460IT Strategy: Strategic Issues in IT Management3033
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
MGT 103Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking 2210
MGT 111Social Psychology and Organizational Behaviour3030
MGT 197Online Writing Tutorial0000
MGT 198Writing Assessment0000
MGT 199Ethics Quiz0000
MGT 372Discovery and Commercialization of Technical Business Opportunities3030
MGT 401MIS/DBMS/Networks3033
MGT 414Entrepreneurship Practicum3030
MGT 458Principles of Management3030
MGT 472Assessment and Financing of Technical Business Opportunities3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
QF 101Quantitative Finance3036
QF 102Basic Financial Tools3136
QF 103Introduction to Financial Tools and Technology1100
QF 104Data Management in R1010
QF 197Online Writing Tutorial0000
QF 198Writing Assessment0000
QF 199Ethics Quiz0000
QF 200Financial Ecomometrics3030
QF 202Financial Time Series3036
QF 301Advanced Time Series Analytics and Maching Learning3036
QF 302Financial Market Microstructure and Trading3036
QF 365Data Structure and Algorithms with Financial Applications4220
QF 427Investment Practicum I4040
QF 428Investment Practicum II4040
QF 430Introduction to Derivatives3036

School of Business

Gregory Prastacos, Professor and Dean

Ann Mooney Murphy, Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Enterprise

Michael zur Muehlen, Associate Dean for the Graduate Enterprise

C. Timothy Koeller, Associate Dean