Undergraduate Courses

Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HHS 119The Ancient World3030
HHS 120Origins of Western Culture3030
HHS 123European Society and Cultural History to 15003033
HHS 124History of European Society and Culture Since 15003033
HHS 125United States History to 18653033
HHS 126United States History Since 18653033
HHS 129Topics in the History of Science and Technology3033
HHS 130History of Science and Technology3033
HHS 135Survey of the Islamic World3033
HHS 301Introduction to Historical Methods3033
HHS 309Newton and the Scientific Revolution3033
HHS 310Social History of Science3033
HHS 311Science and Society in the 20th Century3033
HHS 312Technology and Society in America3033
HHS 313Science, Faith, and the American Imagination3030
HHS 319The Roman Republic3033
HHS 322American Cultural History3030
HHS 323Women and Gender in American History3033
HHS 325African-American Studies3033
HHS 338The Russian Revolution and the Soviet Regime3033
HHS 340History of the Middle East to 18003033
HHS 341History of the Middle East Since 18003033
HHS 345Science and Technology in Islamic History3030
HHS 355U.S. Foreign Relations3033
HHS 356The Golden Age of Athens3030
HHS 357Latin American History3030
HHS 361Scientific Revolution: Galileo3033
HHS 363Darwin and the Darwinian Revolution
HHS 365History of Modern Germany3033
HHS 367Twentieth-Cetury History3033
HHS 369Studies in the Scientific Revolution3033
HHS 370US Constitutional Law I: Early Foundations and Federalism3030
HHS 371Modern US Presidency and the Legislative Process3033
HHS 373US Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights3003
HHS 374Psychohistory3033
HHS 378Modern European History3033
HHS 382The Spanish Republic and the Civil War3030
HHS 384The United States and the Rise of the Modern Middle East3030
HHS 386Ancient Civilizations: The Roman Empire3033
HHS 390History of Money, Credit, and Banking3033
HHS 391Metropolitan Developmental Studies3030
HHS 397Historical Materialism3030
HHS 414Industrial America3033
HHS 415Religion in America3030
HHS 420Modern East Asian Studies3033
HHS 429The Scientist, the Engineer, and the Computer3033
HHS 430History of Modern Turkey3033
HHS 43120th Century Arab Nationalism3033
HHS 432History of Nationalism in the Middle East3033
HHS 433History of Central Asia3033
HHS 434History of the Ottoman Empire3033
HHS 451From Ape to Adam: Understanding Human Evolution3030
HHS 453Justice in War3033
HHS 460Technogenesis in American History3033
HHS 465Engineering in History3033
HHS 466Engineering in History II3030
HHS 468History of the World3033
HHS 469History of England: 1066 - Present3033
HHS 473Renaissance Studies: Leonardo da Vinci3033
HHS 475Environmental Sustainability in Historical Perspective3030
HHS 476History of Medicine3033
HHS 479Studies in the History of Technology3000
HHS 483History and Geography3033
HHS 495Seminar in History3033
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HLI 105Special Topics in Literature3030
HLI 113Western Literature: Classical Literature3033
HLI 114Western Literature: Middle Ages to the Present3033
HLI 115The English Language: Language of Ideas3033
HLI 116Analysis of Literary Forms3033
HLI 117Colonial and Romantic American Literature3033
HLI 118Realist and Modern American Literature3033
HLI 201Introduction to Theater3030
HLI 220Images of Science in Literature3030
HLI 221Introduction to Cinema3030
HLI 312Modern Literature3033
HLI 31419th Century English Literature: Victorians3033
HLI 315Language, Meaning and Reality3033
HLI 316Science Fiction3033
HLI 317The Creative Act3033
HLI 318Caribbean Litr & Culture3033
HLI 319Ethnicity and Literature3030
HLI 321Literature, Science and Technology3033
HLI 330Classical Mythology3033
HLI 331Shakespeare3033
HLI 332Literary Heritage of Russia3030
HLI 334Chaucer: The Journey and the Dreams3033
HLI 335Shakespeare in the City3033
HLI 336The Short Story3033
HLI 337History of the English Language3033
HLI 338Thoreau and Environment3000
HLI 34119th Century English Literature: Romanticism3033
HLI 342Modern Drama3033
HLI 344British Fiction3033
HLI 345A Survey of Dramatic Literature3000
HLI 349American Poetry to 19003030
HLI 351Romanticism: Painting, Literature, Music 3030
HLI 352The American Renaissance in Literature3033
HLI 354American Culture3030
HLI 357American Films-American Fiction3000
HLI 358American Poetry: 20th Century3033
HLI 362British Fiction: Twentieth Century3030
HLI 363Modern Irish Literature3030
HLI 370Introduction to Journalism3033
HLI 380Survey of Latin American Literature: Motorcyclists, Writers, and Revolutionaries3030
HLI 390Modern Culture: Lit and Film3030
HLI 408Creative Writing3030
HLI 409Rhetoric and Technical Writing3033
HLI 410Medieval Literature3033
HLI 412Medieval Romances: Rise of the Individual3033
HLI 413Literature by Women: The Tradition in English3030
HLI 414Literature and Empire3033
HLI 415The Bible as Literature3000
HLI 416The Legend of King Arthur3033
HLI 417English Literature from Beowulf to the Restoration (1660)3033
HLI 418Literature and Critical Theory3033
HLI 419Literature of Islam3000
HLI 420America in the Great Depression and the Second World War3030
HLI 421Power and Politics, Kinship and Kings I: Ancient to Renaissance3030
HLI 446English Literature: Restoration (1660) to the Present 3033
HLI 447Survey of British Literature3033
HLI 471Literature and the Arts3030
HLI 474The Novel in America3000
HLI 476Contemporary Culture: Literature and Film, 1950-the present3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HMU 101Music History I3030
HMU 102Music History II3030
HMU 120History of Technology and the Arts3030
HMU 192Music Appreciation I3030
HMU 193Music Appreciation II 3033
HMU 195History of Electronic and Experimental Music 3030
HMU 200Elementary Harmony 3030
HMU 201Music Theory I 3030
HMU 202Music Theory II 3030
HMU 205Introduction to Digital Media3030
HMU 210Introduction to Music Technology3220
HMU 211MIDI and Electronic Music 3220
HMU 220Piano Class I3030
HMU 221Piano Class II 3030
HMU 224Piano Class IV3030
HMU 230Sound and Vision3030
HMU 231Sound Recording I 3220
HMU 232Sound Recording II 3220
HMU 240Introduction to Web Media for the Arts 3030
HMU 260Software Instrument Design3030
HMU 303Music Theory III3030
HMU 304Music Theory IV3030
HMU 310Music Composition3030
HMU 314Electroacoustic Composition3030
HMU 322Piano Class III3030
HMU 324Piano Class IV3030
HMU 333Sound Recording III (formerly 412)3220
HMU 334Sound Recording IV 3220
HMU 350Music of the Eastern Mediterranean3033
HMU 351Musical Acoustics3030
HMU 387African-American Popular Music3033
HMU 392Music Appreciation I0000
HMU 393Music Appreciation II0000
HMU 394History of Jazz3033
HMU 395Elementary Harmony0000
HMU 396Advanced Harmony3030
HMU 397Orchestration I3030
HMU 398Orchestration II3030
HMU 401Introduction to Music and Technology0000
HMU 402MIDI and Electronic Music0000
HMU 404Techno Music Composition3222
HMU 405Electronic Music3030
HMU 406Audio Post Production3030
HMU 407Sound Design3030
HMU 410Sound Recording Technology0000
HMU 412Audio Engineering Science III0000
HMU 413Sound Recording IV3030
HMU 415Contemporary Music Theory3030
HMU 420Spatial Music Applications3030
HMU 450Music Business3030
HMU 480Media Culture and Theory3030
HMU 490Music Performance: Concert Band0.5000
HMU 491Music Performance: Jazz Ensemble0.5100
HMU 492Music Performance: Stevens Choir0.510.50
HMU 493Music Through Multimedia and Technology3030
HMU 496Music Performance: Private Lessons0.5030
HMU 497Music Performance: Recital/Ensemble0.5100
HMU 498Ensemble1000
HMU 499Thesis Tutorial30012
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HPL 111Philosophy I: Theories of Human Nature3033
HPL 112Science and Metaphysics3033
HPL 339Ethics3033
HPL 340Social and Political Philosophy3033
HPL 345Introduction to Minority Group Identity and Legal Theory3000
HPL 346Modern Philosophy3033
HPL 347Theories of Knowledge and Reality3033
HPL 348Aesthetics3033
HPL 350Ancient and Medieval Philosophy3033
HPL 368Philosophy of Science3033
HPL 369Science and Religion3033
HPL 370Philosophy of Technology3030
HPL 371Philosophy of Time3030
HPL 380Environmental Ethics3030
HPL 440Citizenship, Nationality and Ethnicity in Contemporary Global Perspective3033
HPL 442Logic3033
HPL 443The Philosophy of Language3033
HPL 444Philosophy of Mind3033
HPL 445The history of Philosophy3033
HPL 447Marx, Nietzsche, Freud: the Modern Individual and Society 3033
HPL 448Contemporary Philosophy3033
HPL 449Philosophy of Law3033
HPL 450Global and International Ethics3033
HPL 455Ethical Issues in Science and Technology3033
HPL 457Bioethics3030
HPL 458Computability and Logic3033
HPL 459The Philosophy of Social Science3033
HPL 460Philosophy and Feminism3033
HPL 461American Philosophy3033
HPL 462Eastern Philosophy3
HPL 463Existentialism3033
HPL 464Philosophy in Film3030
HPL 468Women Philosophers of the Twentieth Century3033
HPL 470War and Human Nature0000
HPL 480Environmental Policy: Philosophical and Economic Issues3000
HPL 495Seminar in Philosophy3033
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HST 120Intro to Science & Tech Studies 3036
HST 160Introduction to Science Communication3030
HST 320Science and the Media3036
HST 325Visualizing Society3030
HST 330Environmental Communication3036
HST 340Global Public Health3030
HST 360Research and Innovation Policy3036
HST 370Biology, Eugenics, and Society3030
HST 401Seminar in Science Writing3036
HST 415The Nuclear Era3030
HST 450The History of Stevens3030
HST 470War and Science3030
HST 495Health, Policy, and Society3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HSS 121Introduction to Urban Studies I: Early Cities and Civilizations3030
HSS 122Introduction to Urban Studies II: Modern Cities and Local Politics3030
HSS 127Introduction to Political Science I: National Government3030
HSS 128Introduction to Political Science II: Judicial Process3030
HSS 141Introduction to Sociology3030
HSS 142Introduction to Sociology II3030
HSS 175Fundamentals of Psychology I: Brain, Mind and Behavior3030
HSS 176Fundamentals of Psychology II: Development, Personality, and Pathology3030
HSS 321Modern Urban Culture3030
HSS 322Cultural Studies3033
HSS 324Comparative Ethnic Culture3033
HSS 325Identity Politics and Legal Theory3030
HSS 330Developmental Psychology3030
HSS 331Biological Psychology3030
HSS 360Public Policy Analysis3030
HSS 371Computers and Society3036
HSS 373Social Choice Theory3033
HSS 375History of Psychology3030
HSS 376Theories of Personality3033
HSS 377Sociology of Globalization3033
HSS 379International Politics3033
HSS 380Energy, Politics and Administration
HSS 401Seminar in Leadership Studies3033
HSS 410Arab Nationalism and the Formation of the Middle East 3033
HSS 415Islamic Political Thought3033
HSS 441Gender and Race in Science and Engineering3030
HSS 454The Geography of Science
HSS 458Sociology of Science and Technology3030
HSS 477Psychology of Religion3033
HSS 478Psychology of Gender3033
HSS 479Sociology of Gender3030
HSS 480Introduction to Anthropology3033
HSS 481Cultural Anthropology3033
HSS 488Science and Human Nature3033
HSS 489Freud and Jung3030
HSS 495Seminar in Social Science3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
HAR 110Foundation 2D: Color and Composition3220
HAR 112Drawing I3220
HAR 114Introduction To Photography3030
HAR 120History of Technology and the Arts3030
HAR 180History of Art: Prehistory to the Modern Era3030
HAR 191Modern Art History and Theory3033
HAR 193Introduction to Art & Technology3033
HAR 205Introduction to Digital Media3030
HAR 220Video I3000
HAR 230Sound and Vision 3030
HAR 240Introduction to Web Media for the Arts3030
HAR 241Design I3224
HAR 271Creative Programming3220
HAR 280Modern Art History and Theory3000
HAR 301Professional Practices3030
HAR 311Digital Imaging II3224
HAR 312Digital Imaging III3220
HAR 321Video II3226
HAR 322Video III3223
HAR 330Animation I3224
HAR 331Animation II3224
HAR 332Animation III3226
HAR 340Design II3036
HAR 350History of Photography3033
HAR 360Cultivating Culture: Art, Biology and Biophilia3000
HAR 380Media Culture and Theory3033
HAR 387American Films0000
HAR 389History of Middle Eastern Art3033
HAR 391Introduction to Principles of Form and Design II3224
HAR 394Drawing II3224
HAR 430Net Art and Design3226
HAR 460Interactive Installations3226
HAR 485Contemporary Art3033
HAR 486Art and Technology3030
HAR 490Internship in Art and Technology3000
HAR 495Topics in Art & Technology3226
HAR 498Senior Project and Exhibition4404
HAR 499Capstone 23030
HHS 387The history of American Films3033
HHS 395Images of American Life3033
HTH 201Introduction to Theater3030
HTH 202Introduction to Theater Design3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
CAL 101English Skills3060
CAL 103Writing And Communications Colloquium3036
CAL 105CAL Colloquium: Knowledge, Nature, Culture3036
CAL 108Studies in History & Social Science II3003
CAL 301Seminar in Writing and Research Methods3003
CAL 401Seminar in Science Writing3003
CAL 495Special Topics in Digital Media and Communications3030
CAL 498Thesis Preparation3003
CAL 499Senior Thesis4004