A History of Leadership in Technology

Stevens' alumni and internationally renowned faculty bodies have created impact and innovation worldwide.

Our faculty have received multiple NSF CAREER Awards in fields including bioinformatics, cybersecurity and computer science and been awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in NSF, NIH and other research support, continuing to provide thought leadership in diverse areas including biomaterials, quantitative finance, STEM education and engineering. We remain proud collaborators with a host of industry leaders and governmental agencies. 

Stevens laboratories and facilities continue to enable ground-breaking research. The Davidson Laboratory features the fastest wave tank complex located at a U.S. university and has played a role in virtually every major maritime and coastal engineering advance of the past century and a half, including the development of modern submarines and the re-engineering of Apollo space capsules. The Hanlon Financial Systems Lab features a state-of-the-art simulated Wall Street trading room complete with Bloomberg terminals streaming real-time market data and a full suite of the top software tools for financial analysis. The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), a Stevens-led consortium of twenty institutions, is supported by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), producing important insights in the creation and evolution of complex systems and the development of systems engineers. The Immersion Lab enables high-definition visualization of complex concepts and data for professional audiences and non-professional audiences and stakeholders. We are home to three National Centers for Excellence, research facilities selected by the U.S. government to lead national research, development and education efforts to address critical global needs including port security, ship design and development and systems engineering.

The state of New Jersey recently recognized Stevens' influence and import with a $7.25 million award to enhance IT infrastructure and deploy leading-edge software and hardware tools that will transform teaching and learning at the university in a digital age.