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Student Services
Academic Support Center

Located on the 5th floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center, the Academic Support Center (ASC) assists Stevens undergraduate students in reaching their academic goals and becoming more effective learners.

Peer Tutoring is available to enhance students' classroom experience, and is provided free of charge by qualified upperclass students. While students are encouraged to also take advantage of professors' office hours for more insight into a specific subject, ASC tutors interactively approach the same subject from a peer perspective. Upperclass peer mentors are made available to all incoming new students to assist them with their transition and academic goals throughout their first year at Stevens.

The ASC also helps students learn more effective methods for approaching their studies. Workshops and individual meetings on topics including improved study skills, time management, overcoming procrastination, and test preparation strategies are available to all students free of charge.

For more details, and to request a tutor, visit the ASC?s web site at, or contact the ASC at (201) 216-8248 or

Campus Police & Security

The mission of the Stevens Institute of Technology Police Department ("SITPD") is to provide safety and related services to the community and to enforce all laws pertaining to orderly conduct on its premises. These include residence, traffic, parking, and classroom safety. SITPD Officers are sworn law enforcement pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:6-45, and obligated hereunder to enforce state laws, city and county ordinances, and campus policies. The SITPD also provides referrals to resources in the greater community, such as victim assistance and mental health services. Campus Police will identify hazards and opportunities for crime and will investigate all incidents.

The duties of Campus Police at Stevens are to ensure a safe environment on campus in which students can freely pursue their academic interests and to safeguard the property of Stevens and the campus community. In addition to these duties, they also provide an escort service and emergency services, oversee fire safety, regulate campus parking, operate a Lost and Found for the Stevens community and have the powers of arrest and detention. Officers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stevens Campus Police are housed in the Stevens Gatehouse, (201) 216-5325, and officers are also at the Wesley J. Howe Center reception desk, (201) 216-5105.

Career Development

The Stevens Office of Career Development provides career guidance and recruitment services to all undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. Information on a wide variety of careers is offered and direction is provided in the selection of a career path. Programming is designed to teach the job search skills necessary to access employment opportunities in today?s globally competitive environment.

Professional practice is considered an important part of the Stevens education and includes cooperative education, internships, research opportunities, and industry-sponsored senior design projects. We expect that students will engage in one or more forms of professional practice. For more information on cooperative education and sponsored senior design projects, please refer to the appropriate sections in this catalogue.

The Office of Career Development is located in the Career Center on the 6th Floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center and offers the following services:

  1. Career Counseling and Career Exploration
    At any point during enrollment at Stevens, students can meet with a member of the Career Development staff for one-on-one career counseling. Career Exploration Workshops are offered specifically for first- and second-year students, where they can learn about career options in business, engineering, and science and receive an introduction to the job search process. In addition, interactive workshops on best interviewing practices, facilitated by experienced corporate recruiters, are offered in the fall and spring semesters. Professionals from business, industry, and government also participate in seminars to provide students with an inside look at the current direction of specific careers.
  2. On-Campus Recruiting Program
    More than 300 organizations recruit at Stevens for full-time employment and paid internships on an annual basis. The Office continually develops employer relationships in business, industry, and government, to provide access for Stevens students. Through the use of an interactive database system, CastlePointCareers, students can post their resumes, review job descriptions, apply for employment opportunities, and schedule interviews 24/7.
  3. Career Fairs
    The Office hosts three career fairs annually: Fall, Winter and Spring. Career Fairs serve as an information exchange between students and corporate representatives. The September Fair is targeted to graduating students. The December and March Fairs are open to all students and provide access to both full-time and summer internship opportunities.
  4. Summer Internships
    It is important to gain professional practice experience to confirm one's choice of major and career goals, as well as gain practical experience in a chosen field. The Summer Internship Program puts students in touch with paid summer internship opportunities in engineering, science, and business. Students participate by meeting with a Career Development staff member who will assist them in creating a resume and applying for opportunities. Career Development staff visit summer interns on the job, meet with the intern?s supervisor, and assist in monitoring students? professional development.
  5. Research
    It?s important for students to gain meaningful research experience if they are considering advanced study or admission to medical or dental school. The Career Development staff can help students identify research opportunities on campus and assist them with the application process for industrial and government research opportunities.
  6. The Senior Job Search
    Direction is provided for a structured job search for full time employment as early as the end of the junior year.   The process begins with each student meeting with an assigned Career Development staff member who will discuss career interests, conduct a resume review, and provide ongoing guidance throughout the job search process.  A resume book, representing graduating students school-wide, is published annually and made available electronically to company representatives across a wide range of industries.  Throughout the senior year, corporations are on campus to actively recruit graduating students.

Dining Services

Our main dining room is the Pierce Dining Hall, located on the second floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center. In addition to an unlimited variety of hot and cold foods and desserts, Pierce was recently renovated to create an unparalleled dining experience for students. Every table in the dining hall boasts spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. Colonel John’s, located on the first floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center, and Burchard Cafe all serve a host of a-la-carte specialties and traditional snack items. America’s Cup, a casual café serving Starbucks Coffee and light snacks, is located in the library. All dining facilities are open when classes are in session. When classes are in recess but the campus is open, these locations may maintain a limited schedule and selection.

Undergraduates who live in Stevens housing must participate in a meal plan. There are various meal plans for resident students, as well as commuter students. Please refer to the section entitled "Tuition and Fees" in this catalog for current pricing information; all meal plans and their prices are subject to change.

Graduate students are not required to be on a meal plan, but they are welcome to select any meal plan offered.

For any other meal plan information, please contact the Office of Residence Life, Wesley J. Howe Center, 7th floor, (201) 216-5128 or visit

Faculty Advisors

A Freshman Faculty Advisor is assigned to all undergraduates upon their arrival at Stevens. Students who are pursuing a degree in business will be assigned a permanent business program advisor. For students pursuing degrees in programs other than business, the Freshman Faculty Advisor serves as your advisor until the students formally enter a concentration area of study. This change occurs with the completion of a Study Plan with a Concentration Advisor during Term 2 for science, computer science, and humanities students; Term 3 for engineering students; and Term 5 for engineering students in the five-year plan.

Students who transfer to Stevens to pursue a degree in engineering or one of the sciences, including computer science, are assigned a Concentration Advisor upon their arrival at Stevens. Transfer students must complete a Study Plan with their Concentration Advisor during the semester prior to taking their first concentration elective. If a transfer student is undecided about his/her concentration area of study, we assign a Freshman Faculty Advisor to him/her upon arrival. The Faculty Advisor is available to solve problems or answer questions, and to review and sign various administrative and academic forms.

International & Student Scholar Services (ISSS)

The International Student and Scholar Services office (ISSS) is committed to assisting international students and scholars in the accomplishment of their academic, personal, and professional objectives at Stevens.

International Student and Scholar Services supports the academic mission of the University by providing specific programs and services to international students and scholars.  The main role of the ISSS is to facilitate compliance with federal regulations that govern the immigration status of international students and scholars during their time at Stevens.  The ISSS provides educational workshops, information, and services in support of these regulations.

The ISSS office is responsible for all international student and scholar immigration-related matters, including the issuance and/or processing of:


  • Form I-20, F-1 visa
  • DS-2019, J-1 visa (students and scholars)
  • H-1B applications for temporary worker in a specialty occupation
  • University-sponsored LPR applications
  • Employment authorization documents

The ISSS also promotes international and multicultural understanding by providing cross-cultural opportunities and events for Stevens? international population.

Orientation for New Undergraduate Students

Freshmen Orientation is designed to help first-year students off to a successful  start. That is accomplished through programs and activities that facilitate classmate interaction, the opportunity to meet faculty and staff, and time to get comfortable in their new home away from home. In addition, during Orientation students learn what they need to do to be successful inside and outside the classroom.

Orientation is conducted in two parts. Pre-Orientation is optional, but highly recommended, and is followed immediately by the required portion of Orientation. Pre-Orientation begins on Saturday or Sunday and continues until Wednesday. In Pre-Orientation, participants select one of four program tracks which include: Outdoor Adventure, Performing Arts, Sports and Fitness, and City Life Experience. The primary objective is to allow students to get to know one another while exploring mutual interests. The required portion of Orientation begins on Wednesday and continues until the first day of classes. Orientation programming addresses academics, social life, health and safety, the Stevens Honor System, student clubs and organizations, and adjusting to college life.

Performing Arts

Grace E. and Kenneth W. DeBaun Auditorium is a 480-seat theater in Edwin A. Stevens Hall where many performances are held throughout the semester, with most events free to students. DeBaun Auditorium is run by a student staff trained in technical theater by its professional staff, including lighting design and operation, sound design and operation, set design, decor and construction, stage management and costumes and props.

The Ondrick Music Room on the fourth floor of the Howe Center is available for open rehearsals most weekdays from 10:00 a.m. until Midnight. Two new Boston pianos are available for use, along with three electric pianos and a number of other instruments. Recordings and sheet music are available for review and check-out. Subsidized piano, violin, and voice lessons are also available for undergraduate students and are given either in the Music Room or in the instructor’s studio near campus.

The Center for the Performing Arts runs both DeBaun Auditorium and the Ondrick Music Room. In addition, musical student groups such as the Stevens Choir, Jazz Band, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, Pep Band, and String Ensemble are produced by The Center for the Performing Arts. Concerts for each group are at least once per semester, with rehearsals 1-2 times per week. Additional ensembles are formed as needed based on student interest and availability, along with corresponding concerts and performance opportunities. Concerts are also held in the Great Hall in the S.C. Williams Library, using the Petrof concert grand piano.

The Stevens Dramatic Society, our oldest active student organization, produces one show per semester, usually a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. Students handle all aspects of production, from acting to scenery design, lighting and sound to stage and business management. In addition to plays and musicals, improvisational theater is presented by the OffCenter Comedy Troupe and produced in various locations across campus.

For more information on all of the performing arts at Stevens, please contact David Zimmerman, Executive Director, at 201-216-8960 or For a list of directors, instructors, organizations and the latest schedule of performances, please reference

Personal Property & Insurance

Stevens cannot be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. In addition, the user of the notebook computer provided by Stevens Institute of Technology is responsible for the deductible. In general, it is advisable to remove any valuables from residence hall rooms during periods when classes are not in session. Students may want to consider obtaining personal property coverage under their family’s existing homeowner’s insurance policy or to apply for separate coverage to further protect their property on campus.

The Office of Residence Life can provide additional advice on personal property insurance and can refer students to a private insurance carrier not affiliated with Stevens.

Post Office

Mailboxes are assigned at Orientation to all undergraduate resident and commuter students. Prior to assignment of box numbers, all mail should be marked "Hold at Post Office for Arrival" and the recipient’s name must appear on all mail. Students may keep the same mailbox as long as they are enrolled at Stevens. Student mailboxes are located in the Stevens Post Office on the main floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center. Please have all correspondence addressed to: (Student's Name), (Box Number), Stevens Institute of Technology, One Castle Point on Hudson, Hoboken, NJ 07030.

Print Shop

The Stevens print shop is a facility on campus that can help meet student copying and printing needs, from resumes on fine paper to full-color brochures and posters. It is located in the basement of the Wesley J. Howe Center, (201) 216-5110.

Residence Life

Most Stevens undergraduate students live in Stevens housing. Some may have homes within commuting distance, but prefer, nonetheless, to stay in Stevens housing for better study opportunities and closer association with faculty, their peers, and the total Stevens community. Students who submit their application by the deadline are guaranteed Stevens housing. Upperclass students who participate in the cooperative education program are not guaranteed Stevens housing during the co-op semester(s) if their job is within commutable distance to their home, but will be accommodated if housing is available.

At Stevens, each residence hall has been designed to meet student needs. All residence halls have completely furnished rooms and all rooms have been completely rewired with state-of-the-art connection service into the campus-wide computer network as well as cable access. For the safety of all students, cooking equipment is  not permitted in student rooms that do not have a kitchen; however, each residence hall has at least one cooking facility, and bringing a microwave and/or refrigerator is permitted (only one 700W or less microwave per room).

The undergraduate residence halls are conveniently located throughout campus and within walking distance of all classrooms, laboratories, dining, and recreational facilities. We also provide Stevens managed housing within the City of Hoboken called Stevens Leased Housing. A synopsis of what is offered in Stevens Housing (on campus and leased) includes:

On Campus

  • Davis Hall provides double occupancy housing for over 200 male and female new students.
  • Humphreys Hall provides double occupancy for more than 160 male and female new students.
  • Hayden Hall provides double occupancy housing to accommodate 135 male and female new students.
  • Palmer Hall houses 72 male and female upperclass students in singles and 36 new students in quads.
  • Jonas Hall contains double rooms with private bathrooms in each room.  It houses 216 male and female upperclass students.
  • Castle Point Apartments provides studio apartment style, triple shared occupancy living, for upperclass students.
  • River Terrace Suites provides 2?7 person suites with double and single rooms for upperclass students. All suites include private bathrooms, kitchenette, and air-conditioning.

Special Interest Housing

  • Lore-El (Women?s Center)- located at 802 Castle Point Terrace -  is a beautiful Victorian-style residential house located on the Stevens campus. The facility provides residential space for 17 upper-class female students in single, doubles and triples.
  • C.A.R.E House (Community Awareness Residential Experience) ? located at 1036 Park Avenue - is a newly renovated residential house for 18 upperclass male and female students in singles and triples.

Stevens Leased Housing

  • 733 Jefferson Street, 538 Washington Street, 800 Madison Street, The Curling Club and The Shipyard provides 2-bedroom apartments, with double occupancy rooms for male and female upperclassmen.
  • 110 Washington Street, 2-bedroom apartments with a single room and double room in each, houses male and female upper-class students.
  • The Juliana and The Marbella are 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with double occupancy rooms for Graduate students.  The Marbella is located in Jersey City directly on the light rail and across from the path.

Other housing options may be offered to graduates students based on availability.

Married student or family housing is not available through Stevens Housing at this time. Please visit the "Alternate Housing" list on the Residence life website for various independent housing options in Hoboken.

More detailed information, applications and contracts are available online through the Office of Residence Life website at Housing contracts must be accompanied by the housing security deposit, which is returned when the student leaves Stevens Housing. You may also refer to the section entitled ?Financing the Stevens Education? in this catalogue for additional info.

Please contact the Office of Residence Life located in the Wesley J. Howe Center, 7th floor, at (201) 216-5128 or email with any questions.

Stevens Alumni Association

The Stevens Alumni Association was founded in 1876 "... to establish, maintain, and cultivate among its members a sentiment of regard for one another and of attachment to Stevens Institute of Technology, and to promote in every way the interests of the Institute."

A measure of Stevens' strength is the enthusiastic spirit and significant support provided by our 22,000 active alumni. Alumni volunteer their time and talent in many activities for Stevens, and a number of Stevens graduates serve on the faculty, staff or Board of Trustees. The loyalty of our alumni also takes the form of important financial support, both in dollars and in the percentage of those who donate.

The interplay between students and alumni at Stevens is significant. Students can gain inside information on careers in various scientific and technical fields and build important contacts for their after-college years.

The professional staff of the Alumni Office, located on the 9th floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center, is supplemented by many volunteers, and together they perform a wide variety of services. All graduates, as members of the Association, are eligible for these services, and there is no dues structure. Besides maintaining a myriad of records on alumni, which are published in the Stevens Alumni Directory, the Alumni Association also publishes a quarterly magazine, The Stevens Indicator, and a newsletter, The Stevens Alumni letter. The Association assists the drive for annual gifts via the Stevens Fund, with more than 700 alumni volunteers, and it sponsors Alumni Weekend each spring and a Stevens Homecoming luncheon each fall.

The Association maintains programs in such areas as awards, educational and social activities, reunions, publications, license plates, and a nationwide network of regional and affinity or professional alumni clubs. It fosters networking among alumni who share special interests by means of evening meetings or full-day conferences for professionals or graduate alumni.

For more information, please call the Stevens Alumni Office at (201) 216-5163 or visit the Stevens Alumni Online Community at

  • 2009-2010 Officers
  • President- Mary A. Doddy- 80
  • First Vice President- Mark I. LaRosa '93
  • Second Vice President- Dolores M. LaMarca Wagoner'79
  • Treasurer- Victoria Velasco '04
  • Executive Director- Anita Lang
  • Director of Alumni Publications- Beth Kissinger
  • Associate Editor/Designer- Kristin Boyd

Student Counseling, Psychological & Disability Services

This Office offers vocational, education, and career counseling, including the assessment of one's interests, values, abilities, and personality factors. We also offer individual counseling for personal concerns and provide referrals when appropriate.

All services provided by the Counseling Center are free of charge and confidential. We hold in the strictest confidence information about why a student has seen us and what is discussed. No information is released without his/her permission. In addition, we do not retain a record of a student's contact with us on permanent college records or transcripts. To schedule an appointment, please call (201) 216-5177 or e-mail

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center, located in Jacobus Hall, is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Additionally, there are physician evening hours available every Thursday until 7:00 p.m. A registered nurse is on duty full-time. A physician is available Monday-Friday. Contact the Health Center at (201) 216-5678 for the physician?s hours. During off-hours, please contact Campus Police via the Wesley J. Howe Center desk at (201) 216-5105 for assistance.

All Stevens students are required by state law to have a physical exam prior to enrollment. It is also necessary that a record of immunization be sent to the Student Health Center in Jacobus Hall. Failure to provide immunization documentation can result in a Registrar's hold being placed against a student account. This will halt the enrollment process until there is further immunization compliance.

Services performed in the Student Health Center are free. Charges for health care services performed outside the Center are an individual?s responsibility. Students should check with their health insurance provider to determine what is covered under their plans and what is not.

For additional information and answers to specific questions, please contact the Student Health Center, Jacobus Hall, (201) 216-5678, during the hours of operation noted above.

Student Service Center

The Student Service Center (SSC), located in the Wesley J. Howe Center, first floor, represents a re-engineered approach to providing efficient, quality administrative services. Stevens wants it to be a valuable resource for navigating through administrative tasks with convenience and efficiency.

The SSC houses most staff members of the three offices that Stevens believes students visit most frequently - Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Financial Services. However, this move is more than a simple physical relocation of existing offices. The counseling and support staff members are cross-trained and empowered so that the first person a student meets with has the knowledge and authority to resolve the most common questions and problems. Management-level staff from all areas are also present in the SSC to oversee operations and meet with students, if required.

Inside the SSC, there are campus network ports so students may bring a notebook computer if they need to refer to information on the Internet, including using Web for Students. Outside the SSC, kiosks equipped with touch-screen technology enable students to view similar information, including schedule and class location, account, transcript, and financial aid status. In addition, the technology allows for credit card payments. The kiosks are available at all times, 24 hours a day. For more information, contact the Service Center by calling 201-216-5555 or by e-mail at

Undergraduate Academics

The Office of Undergraduate Academics provides general academic advising and support services to the entire undergraduate student body, in addition to the concentration-specific advising provided by the faculty advisor (see Faculty Advisors). Questions regarding academic policy, procedure, or advising issues can be directed to the Office on the 5th Floor of the Wesley J. Howe Center, (201) 216-5228. Or, visit the website at

The Deans may also be contacted directly: Dean Larry Russ, (201) 216-5379,; Associate Dean Erol Cesmebasi, (201) 216-5576, and Assistant Dean Rosemary Dice, (201) 216-5017,

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