Yamin Yang passed her Ph.D defence, congratulations.

New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame Award Winners & Awards Ceremony Announcement
Graduate Student Award
Xiaoling Fu: The Critical Role of Biomimetic Nanofibers in Skin Cell Function and 
Wound Repair
Seyed Babak Mahjour:   Incorporating Hair-Forming Cells into Established Nanofiber-Enabled 
Cell Assembly

Paper publication: Tissue engineering part B, Cover Art
Hair follicle structure from a healthy rat vibrissa. It contains concentric layers (cuticle, cortex, medulla, inner root sheath and outer root sheath). Seven-micrometer plastic-embedded cross-section stained with hematoxylin and eosin and visualized under a bright-field microscope. For further details, see the article by Mahjour et al. on page 15, Feb 15, Vol.18, No.1.

Xiaochuan Yang passed his PH.D defence, congratulation to you, Dr. Yang
NSF Funds Innovative Approach to Biomimetic Nanofiber Bone Regeneration

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