Vinjamuri Lab

Revolutionizing the Brain-Machine Interfaces needed for upper-limb prostheses control.

Our lab studies Brain-Machine Interfaces (BMIs) that control upper-limb prostheses. In particular, we are interested in how the brain controls complex hand movements. The human hand has about 30 dimensions in contrast to a human arm with only 7 dimensions. BMIs that control human arms have already been demonstrated with decent accuracies.

What type of interface is needed to

Extend Brain-Machine Interface control from 7 to 37 dimensions

forms the central topic of our research.



When great minds collide.

Our lab contains a mix of current Graduate, Undergraduate, & Highschool Students along with a range of collaborators from multiple industries.


The measure of our work.

Our range of publications dating back to 2014 include multiple Patents, Articles, Conference Appearances, & more.


Appearances, awards, & recognition.

Our work has been recognized through many Showcases, Grants, & Awards alongside our students who continue to impress.

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Sensorimotor Control Laboratory

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