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Welcome to I-SMART !

The Integrated Spatial Modeling and Remote Sensing Technologies Laboratory (I-SMART) is an interdisciplinary research unit within the Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, USA. Research activities at I-SMART focus on understanding various processes in land, atmosphere, and oceans and their interactions as well as their local and regional impacts on urban communities especially in New York City metropolitan area. To this end, researchers at I-SMART integrate remote sensing data, numerical models, and in situ observations in the monitoring and decision-support systems they develop. They perform advanced analysis of geospatial data to understand the studied processes and predict their dynamics leading to the development of a variety of tools and monitoring systems to support stakeholders and end-users in their decision-making processes. In addition, research at I-SMART focuses on integrating and advancing citizen science and crowdsourcing techniques to engage local communities and foster their interest in science and technologies, especially those from underserved minority groups.

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