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void advnst (long k)
float genbet (float aa, float bb)
float genchi (float df)
float genexp (float av)
float genf (float dfn, float dfd)
float gengam (float a, float r)
void genmn (float *parm, float *x, float *work)
void genmul (long n, float *p, long ncat, long *ix)
float gennch (float df, float xnonc)
float gennf (float dfn, float dfd, float xnonc)
float gennor (float av, float sd)
void genprm (long *iarray, int larray)
float genunf (float low, float high)
void getsd (long *iseed1, long *iseed2)
void gscgn (long getset, long *g)
long ignbin (long n, float pp)
long ignnbn (long n, float p)
long ignlgi (void)
long ignpoi (float mu)
long ignuin (long low, long high)
void initgn (long isdtyp)
long mltmod (long a, long s, long m)
void phrtsd (char *phrase, long *seed1, long *seed2)
float ranf (void)
void setall (long iseed1, long iseed2)
void setant (long qvalue)
void setgmn (float *meanv, float *covm, long p, float *parm)
void setsd (long iseed1, long iseed2)
float sexpo (void)
float sgamma (float a)
float snorm (void)

Function Documentation

void advnst ( long  k  ) 
float genbet ( float  aa,
float  bb 
float genchi ( float  df  ) 
float genexp ( float  av  ) 
float genf ( float  dfn,
float  dfd 
float gengam ( float  a,
float  r 
void genmn ( float *  parm,
float *  x,
float *  work 
void genmul ( long  n,
float *  p,
long  ncat,
long *  ix 
float gennch ( float  df,
float  xnonc 
float gennf ( float  dfn,
float  dfd,
float  xnonc 
float gennor ( float  av,
float  sd 
void genprm ( long *  iarray,
int  larray 
float genunf ( float  low,
float  high 

Referenced by RandLibURG::rand().

void getsd ( long *  iseed1,
long *  iseed2 

Referenced by RandLibURG::getseed().

void gscgn ( long  getset,
long *  g 
long ignbin ( long  n,
float  pp 
long ignlgi ( void   ) 
long ignnbn ( long  n,
float  p 
long ignpoi ( float  mu  ) 
long ignuin ( long  low,
long  high 

Referenced by RandLibURG::irand().

void initgn ( long  isdtyp  ) 
long mltmod ( long  a,
long  s,
long  m 
void phrtsd ( char *  phrase,
long *  seed1,
long *  seed2 
float ranf ( void   ) 

Referenced by RandLibURG::rand().

void setall ( long  iseed1,
long  iseed2 
void setant ( long  qvalue  ) 
void setgmn ( float *  meanv,
float *  covm,
long  p,
float *  parm 
void setsd ( long  iseed1,
long  iseed2 
float sexpo ( void   ) 
float sgamma ( float  a  ) 
float snorm ( void   ) 
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