Ph.D. Dissertations


Jin Yu

Antenna arrays for CDMA and wireless communications: Beamforming and spatial diversity

Advisor: Yu-Dong Yao

May 2005


Zhongren Cao

Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access for Broadband Wireless Systems: Algorithms and Implementation

Advisors: Uf Tureli and Yu-Dong Yao

May 2004


Lei Zhou

Packet Access in Wireless CDMA Networks

Advisors: Yu-Dong Yao and Harry Heffes

May 2004


Ling Li

Space-Time Coded Systems for High Data Rate Wireless Communications

Advisors: Yu-Dong Yao and Hongbin Li

March 2004


Abdel-Latif Semeia

Wireless Network Performance Analysis for Adaptive Bandwidth Resource Allocations

Advisors: Francis Boesch and Yu-Dong Yao

May 2003


MoonYoung Choi

Retransmission Protocol Designs and Analyses for High Speed Packet Access in 3G Systems

Advisors: Yu-Dong Yao and Harry Heffes

December 2002


El-Sayed M. El-Alfy

Intelligent System for Channel Allocation with Prioritized Handoff in Mobile Cellular Multimedia Networks

Advisors: Yu-Dong Yao and Harry Heffes

July 2001