Student Projects

We are always looking for motivated and curious students that want to contribute to our ongoing research work. Contributing to research is a valuable experience during your education and teaches you a wide set of skills that will be useful for your later career in either academia or industry.

Skin Shear Visualization using Ultrasound

Based on B-mode ultrasound videos we determine the deformation profile of full-thickness skin. Several skin diseases, such as scleroderma or scar tissue formation, affect individual or multiple layers of skin and lead to painful and debilitating changes in the bio-mechanical properties of the tissue. The objectives of this project are: (1) determine deformation profile of […]

Generating Volumetric Organ Models from Magnetic Resonance Images

The finite element method is a powerful tool to simulate the mechano-biochemical behavior of soft tissues and organs in health and disease. These simulations are based on anatomically accurate reconstructions of organs and tissues. The generation of such volumetric models is an art and this project aims at developing computational tools to create reliable and […]

Generating a Brain Mesh Library

Anatomically accurate brain reconstructions form the basis for computational models of the organ’s behavior in health and disease. We have access to multiple medical scans of different animals and humans and would like to generate a brain mesh library. The objectives of this project are: (1) reconstruction of gray matter, white matter, cerebellum, and brainstem […]