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User Guide M3903                          


     Navigation Keys                      Quit Key                       Last Number Redial

     Call Log Key.                           Dial Key                      Volume Control Bar

     Copy Key                                 Edit Key                      Last Number Redial

     Delete Key                               Shift Key                     Outside Line

     Call Forward                            Call Park                     DN Key, making a call

     Transfer                                    Join a call                    Hands free & Mute Keys & LED’s

     Headset Key                           Options Key                Call Pickup  

     Answer a call                           Set up a Conference Call                 

     Hold key                                   Programmable Feature Keys

     More                                         Programmable Line/Feature Keys

     Goodbye Key                          Message Waiting Light and Message Key                                          


     Answer a call-

  • Lift the handset, press the Handsfree Key, press the DN Key, or press the Headset Key when using a headset.


DN Key, making a call-

  • The lower right hand line/feature key is your Primary Directory Number-DN Key.  While on-hook, press the DN Key,
  • Dial #, when answered either pick up handset or use the Handsfree feature.
  • From the dial pad lift the handset and dial the number.


Hold key-

  • Press the Hold Key and the DN indicator will flash. 
  • Press the DN Key to return to the call.


Handsfree & Mute Keys & LED’s-

  • Press the Handsfree Key and dial #.  Hang up by pressing the Goodbye Key.
  • Press Mute Key, indicator flashes; press again to turn off.
  • Switch from handsfree to handset by lifting handset and visa  versa.


Goodbye Key-

  • This terminates an active call.  Used mostly on handsfree.


Volume Control Bar-

  • Volumes handset, headset, speaker, ringer, and handsfree.


Message Waiting Light and Message Key-

  • Message waiting light indicates messages in your mailbox and the Message Key, if pressed, will connect you to your mailbox.


Headset Key-

  • Use the Headset Key to answer a call while on the headset or to  switch a call from handset or handsfree to the headset.


Options Key-

Options lets you customized certain characteristics of your phone.       

Screen prompts take you step by step through procedures and keeps

you informed on the status of various features such as:     

  • Language
  • Change Feature Key label
  • Screen Contrast
  • Volume adjustment

·       Ring type

  • Call log option
  • Call timer
  • Date/time format
  • Key click
  • On hook default path
  • Display diagnostics




Navigation Keys-

·        Allow you to scroll through Menus and lists in the display area.


Quit Key-

·        Ends an active application.  Pressing the Quit Key does not end a call.  *Note-if you press the Quit Key before the Done Key, you will exit without saving the change.


Call Log Key

·        Allows you to access Call log, Personal Directory, and the Redial List.  The Call Log lists the last 10 entries for incoming and 10 entries for outgoing calls.  The Redial List records the last 5 outgoing calls.  You can copy these numbers to your Personal Directory.  Your Personal Directory holds up to 100 personalized names and numbers.


Dial Key-

·        Functions much like the primary DN Key.  The Dial Key is used to dial numbers stored in the Directory and Callers List.


Copy Key-

·        Copies the incoming or outgoing call number into the Personal Directory.


Edit Key-

·        Used to edit the Directory and Callers list entries on the M3904.


Delete Key-

·        Used to delete entries or characters in applications.


Programmable Line/Feature Keys-

·        The M3403 has two Programmable Line/Feature Keys with two features or lines configured on each key.


Shift Key-

·        Allows you to access the second layer of the Programmable Line/Feature Keys.


Programmable Feature Keys-

·        The M3903 has four Programmable Feature Keys with three features on each key.



The More Key allows you to access the next layer of the Programmable Feature Keys.


Last Number Redial-

·        Press the DN Key twice or lift the handset and press the Line Key.



Used to redirect a call to the appropriate person.  While on a call

·        Press the Transfer Key and you will hear dial tone. 

·        Dial the  number to which you want to transfer to. 

·        When you hear the ring or a person answers, press the Transfer Key again to complete the call transfer.



Conference (6-party)-

Join a call:     

·        To connect a call to your current call.  While on a call, press the Conference Key.

·        Press the flashing Line (DN) Key hat has the new call. 

·        Press the Conference Key again.  The  person on hold joins your conversation.


Set up a Conference Call: 

·        While on a call, press the Conference Key.  The other party is on hold and you receive dial tone.

·         Dial the number of the person you want to add to the conference call.  You can talk privately to the person you are adding at this time.

·        Press the Conference Key a second time to conference all parties together.

·        Repeat the procedure to include up to six people in the conference call.


Call Forward- 

Call Forward allows you to direct your calls to ring at another   Line (DN).  You cannot forward an incoming call in progress.

·        Press the Forward Key.  Dial the DN where you want to forward your calls.

·        Press the Forward Key again. 

·        To cancel Call Forward  press the Forward Key. 

·        To reinstate Call Forward to the same  number press the Forward Key twice.


Call Park-

Call Park allows a call to be held temporarily and to be retrieved from any internal telephone. 

·        While on an active call, press the Park Key.  If there is a System Park DN, the call automatically parks on the System Park DN and displays it.  Otherwise, it parks on your DN.

·        If the call is not retrieved within one minute, the call will ring back to the originating station. 

·        To retrieve a parked call you press the  Park Key and dial the DN where you parked the call. 

·        To Park a call from an analog you will switchhook flash or press a Flash/Link Key and dial 171.  This will park the call on your station. 

·        To retrieve dial 172 and dial  the station number the call is parked on.      


Call Pickup-

·        To answer an incoming call in your own Call Pickup group, lift the handset and press the Group Pickup Key.

·        To answer an incoming call in another Call Pickup group, lift the  handset, press the Group Pickup Key,

·        Dial the Pickup Group  number of the telephone that rings.

·        To answer an incoming call at a specific station in any Pickup Group, lift the handset ,

·        Press the Pickup Key, and dial the DN of the ringing telephone.

*note….if the pickup DN is invalid, you receive a tone and the screen displays “Goodbye try again.”  Press the  Goodbye Key. 


For an Outside line press 7.



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