Theta Phi Alpha's insignia have been evolving since the 1920s and includes badges and guards that designate specific periods of membership, offices held, or honors received. Much of the symbolism behind this insignia is rooted in ancient heraldry, and yet the designs are classic and become treasured pieces of jewelry.

The symbols of the fraternity - including its colors, jewels, flower, and mascot - showcase the unique personality of Theta Phi Alpha. Our mascot, the penguin, was chosen in the 1980s because it is the symbol of friendship. On all of our campuses, you'll see our sisters proudly promoting our letters and symbols on banners, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, and wherever else you can squeeze in the three Greek letters (Theta Phi Alpha)

Official colors: silver, gold, and blue.

Official jewels: the sapphire and the pearl.

Official symbol: the compass.

badgeThe badge is a gold letter "Theta" set with pearls, superimposed upon plain gold letters "Phi" and "Alpha." The badge of Theta Phi Alpha is worn only by initiated members and is at once a means of identification and a source of pride to the wearer. The Fraternity badge is to be worn over the heart and is always placed above any other piece of jewelry.

The right to wear the Theta Phi Alpha badge is bestowed on each member at Initiation and each member is required to purchase a badge to wear throughout her life. However, should she in any way forfeit the right to wear the badge, it must be relinquished to the Fraternity's archives.

Upon death of a member, her badge is either sent to the Fraternity's archives or buried with her. Each member has the responsibility to see that her family knows of these alternatives, and should arrange to have one or the other followed at her death.

pledge pin

The Pledge pin is a square badge in black enamel with a gold compass in the center, and a gold border.

crestThe coat of arms is a crest formally described as follows: azure (blue), a bend (a diagonal band), between a double cross-crosslet (a cross figure with two transverse beams on each arm and top) fitchy degreed (with the bottom section pointed, and longer than the others), and a Tudor rose or (gold), latter seeded sable (the rose has black seeds).

Mantling (a cloak-like arch), azure doubled or (blue combined with gold). Over an esquire's helmet, the crest, an open book argent (silver), edged or (edged in gold), charged (imprinted) with two fleur-de-lis azure (blue conventionalized irises). Motto, Theta Phi Alpha in Greek, upper and lowercase.


The penguin was officially adopted as the Theta Phi Alpha mascot in 1987.

Other official badges:

The National President's Badge
, worn by the National President during her term of office, is the official badge, but with the Theta set with diamonds, mounted on a wreath of gold.

The Chapter President's Badge, purchased by a chapter and worn by its president during her term of office, is the official badge, but with the Theta set with sapphires, mounted on a wreath of gold. Should the chapter's charter be revoked or suspended, this badge shall be returned to the Fraternity's archives, to be held in trust in the event the chapter is recolonized.

The Grand Council Badge, worn by each member of The Grand Council, other than the National President, during her term of office, is the official badge with the Theta set with alternating diamonds and sapphires and a diamond in the center, mounted on a wreath of gold, and shall be accompanied by a guard of the respective office.

roseThe official flower of Theta Phi Alpha is the white rose.

The Grand Council Guard, available to be worn by former members of The Grand Council, is the Fraternity coat of arms with a sapphire on each side of it.