Omicron Pi is unique in the fact that it is the only local sorority established at Stevens Institute of Technology. Being so, the sisters are able to maintain a close and personal relationship with one another. We have a healthy membership, which continues to expand and mature with each new pledge class. We pride ourselves in our lively and diverse sisterhood. We have sisters that are from coast to coast, and even some from overseas. But no matter where they are from, each member of the sorority embodies its motto of“friendship, loyalty, and love” and holds sisterhood to the absolute highest regard.

With Phi Sigma Sigma and Delta Phi Epsilon, Omicron Pi worked to form the Panhellenic Council, whose goal is promote sisterhood at Stevens. Even though separate associations, the Panhellenic Council forms relationship between the three sororities at Stevens. Through this relationship, new members are encouraged to learn about the teachings and meanings of sisterhood without the bias of a particular sorority. 

The sisters of Omicron Pi consider each other family, and like a family, we hold a blissful array of events. We throw a yearlyThanksgiving dinner that is cooked by the sisters for the sisters. And of course we have a Christmas party, with plenty of surprises. Our most anticipated event of the year is our Chrysanthemum Ball. It is a formal celebration, where we look back on the past year’s accomplishments and celebrate the soon-to-be graduating seniors. 

Omicron Pi is not just about fun and games. In order to give back to the community, Omicron Pi holds many spirited philanthropy events. One of our sorority’s annual events is the “Battles of the Bands”, which takes place every fall semester. We also hold an event every 3 years called “The Dark Side of Oz”, where the movie screening proceeds go to charity. Each pledge class is also given the opportunity to plan and organize their own philanthropy event during their pledge process. They decide how to raise the money and who they want to give it to. The sisters provide them with money to start up and support throughout the process In order to emphasize to new sisters the importance of charity and service. 

In order to raise money for our sorority’s needs, we also hold fundraising events that occur biannually. Watch out in the fall for our delicious bake sale of the infamous “O Pies”. And in the spring time, when love is in the air, look out for Omicron Pi’s romantic“Condom-Grams” that are a campus favorite for Valentine’s Day. You can find our events in the Howe Center outside of Pierce Dining Hall.