To accept remote support from IT staff members:

1. Please select one of the following:

2. Run the program.

3. Provide the numerical ID and password to the IT staff member upon request.

Please note: If you are using a Stevens-owned computer, remote support from IT will be performed using the new ManageEngine client, which is currently being rolled out across departments on campus. Please give the IT Staff member your username and indicate if you are using a Mac or PC. When an IT member attempts to connect to your computer, please click ‘Yes’ to allow remote access. Once the session is over, the IT staff member will no longer be connected to your computer. For individuals receiving support on a personal computer, the Stevens Remote Support tool, TeamViewer, will be used. TeamViewer does not install itself for future use. The moment you close the application, Stevens IT staff members will no longer be able to connect to your computer using this tool.

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