Google Reader & Google Keep

Recent events seem to have inspired some folks – such as the influential pundit Om Malik – to rethink their allegiance to all things Google.  First Google decided to abandon the popular Google Reader; and now they are asking users to use a new app, Google Keep. Malik isn’t falling for it this time: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Google may think it can waltz into a market that Evernote and others have staked out, but I’m not going to dance.”

My experiment to March Away from Google wasn’t out of disappointment with the company; it was merely a thought experiment that turned into a real experiment, to see how hard it would be to cut Google out of my life. But now that Google has annoyed its users and undermined their confidence in its stability, there are new opportunities for users to reconsider their dependence on the company’s products and explore the many alternatives to Google. Google’s antitrust lawyers are certainly right that competition is only one click away; but one has to wonder why the company’s strategists are pushing loyal users toward the competition.


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