Sigma Nu

Gamma Delta Chapter

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Rush Sigma Nu and See the Difference

Sigma Nu is an honor fraternity that was founded in Virginia Military Institute in 1869 partly in opposition to the practice of hazing. Our mission is to complement the classroom experience through the teaching of our three philosophical cornerstones - love, honor, and truth. It is accomplished by the practical application of self-governance in an organization based on mutual respect and the democratic process. To be a Sigma Nu is to learn leadership skills and apply them to everyday life. We are a fraternity (not a club) of men (not boys) operating upon the principle of honor (not expediency).

New and lasting friendships can be found in Sigma Nu. Traditions formed and nurtured for over one hundred years are more than any residence hall or apartment can offer you. Sigma Nus may be working together to raise money for a needy family or they may participate in a wide variety of intramural sporting events.

Most importantly, Sigma Nu means supporting and being supported by brothers; whether it's a helping hand with a tough course, advice on a personal problem, or involvement in campus activities, Sigma Nu can make a difference in your life.

Going to college is a big step and it involves more than just classroom learning. Round off your college experience by checking out why Sigma Nu can make a difference for you.

We stress responsibilities and principles; but, most importantly, we care about our members. Being a brother in Sigma Nu means always having a close group to help ease the hectic, sometimes confusing college life. It means having the chance to challenge yourself and grow to your fullest potential.

- The Knightly News 1995

Candidate Education

LEADOur new candidate education program is known as LEAD. The acronym lead stands for: Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, and Development. As a new member, you'll participate in Phase I of the LEAD program. This phase studies the basics of leadership, the national and local history of Sigma Nu Fraternity, and helps develop team building through retreats and other activities to get your candidate class working together. LEAD sessions talk about ethics, help clarify your values, and teach you how to work best with different personalities. The candidate program trains you to manage your time and balance a busy schedule, which will ultimately help you be successful academically. Most importantly, it helps you understand what makes Sigma Nu different is our core values of love, truth, and honor. The LEAD program will help you get focused on your goals and develop you into what you want to be. It will build your confidence, improve your self-esteem, and help you understand who you are and push you to be your best. LEAD will give you the skills you need to be a successful leader and help you get the most from your Sigma Nu experience.

Anti-Hazing Policy

Sigma Nu stands firm against hazing. As opposition to hazing was one of the reasons we came into existence, we still will not tolerate it. In the last ten years, Sigma Nu has suspended or revoked more of its own chapter charters for hazing violations than all the other national fraternities combined. Although that is not a record we are proud of, it does indicate the strength of our conviction. If you are one to submit to these unwarranted practices, you should not be a Sigma Nu.

- The Knightly News 1995