21 Aug 2013
August 21, 2013

We’ve Crossed the Finish Line


We present to you the newly finished Ecohabit! It’s crazy to think that just two years ago Ecohabit was a set of ideas in students’ heads. Those ideas built over time; as our thoughts grew, our innovations began to take shape. The thought of “the house should grow with the user” turned into modular millwork furniture. The idea of not wasting as much hot water turned into our on-demand hot water system. We hope that all of these ideas turned into innovations will help to shape the sustainable energy movement and make it easier for homeowners to live, learn, and grow with their homes.

Our open house on August 20th was a major success as well. We had approximately 200 guests tour the house. The feedback was extremely positive and guests could envision themselves living in Ecohabit.

Thank you so much to our sponsors and supporters. Your donations of funds, materials, and moral support really helped us to finish on time with smiles on our faces. We are so excited to make everyone proud and bring some Jersey spirit to Irvine.