Orange County Great Park

The Solar Decathlon isn’t the only event happening in Irvine, CA this October. This year’s Solar Decathlon will be a part of the Xpo, a huge event dedicated to green technology and sustainability. The Xpo will feature the leading green energy companies who will show off the newest available green technologies for consumers. It will bring together the next generation of engineers, scientists and visionaries who are the leading innovators in the field of green technology, and promises to be an incredibly important event for everyone involved with green energy.

The centerpiece of the Xpo will be the Solar Decathlon competition, including our 2013 house, Ecohabit. This will be a great place for all the students involved in the Solar Decathlon to see the innovations happening in the field first hand, being able to see all of the biggest names in green energy innovations all in one place.

The Xpo will feature innovations in green home design, transportation, farming, education, and more. There will be contributions from consumer products, arts, and entertainment industries. There will be business and job opportunities, art exhibitions, even activities for children. And throughout all of this, there will be opportunities to have tours of all of the Solar Decathlon homes.

If you want to learn more about the Xpo, visit their website here!