05 Aug 2013
August 5, 2013

Student Spotlight: Zak Moy

Zak Moy

1. How did you get involved with Solar Decathlon?

I got involved with the Solar Decathlon when my advisor asked if I could help the team design a logo.  Little did I know it would be more than just a logo and I would be opening a whole can of worms. (I’m loving every minute of it though!)

2. Are you excited for the Xpo in Irvine, California? What are you planning on doing during your stay?

I’m super excited for the Xpo.  It’s going to be stressful and super busy, but I hope I have some relaxation time as I would love to visit other sections of the Xpo and tour all of the other homes.

3. What is your major and how are you contributing your skills to the project.

I majored in Visual Arts & Technology and now work on the team as the lead graphic designer.  I have used my expertise in design and branding for the project.  I also have a decently solid background in science, so it’s useful when designing infographics about highly technical innovations for people who might not be familiar with the technology.

4. What Solar Decathlon team are you a part of?

I am part of the Communications Team where we manage all sorts of media.  (Don’t mind the man behind the curtain!)

5. What is your specific role in the project? What innovations have you personally made to the house?

As a graphic designer, I have worked on designing the brand and brand management of the Stevens Team and Ecohabit.  While I haven’t personally made contributions to what goes into the house, I am responsible for how Ecohabit, its innovations, and the Stevens Team looks in the public eye (which is good, I hope…).

6. Are you planning on aiding in the construction of the house?

I’m mostly busy up in an air-conditioned office toiling away in front of a computer screen, but I’ll definitely get my hands dirty on site now and then.  I expect to be doing a lot of construction work when we have to rebuild the house in Irvine.

7. Is this your first Solar Decathlon competition? If not, how does this experience compare to the one you had building Empowerhouse?What skills have you acquired throughout the preparation for Solar D? How will you use these skills in your future career in industry or academia?

This is my first Solar Decathlon.  I’ve had friends who worked on Empowerhouse and I knew once I got offered to work on the team it was a big project.  One of the experiences I like most about the project is that I’ve gotten to work with engineers and scientists, which is quite a difference from my own work.  What I really like though is that through my design, I can help others outside of the loop to understand these highly technical designs and innovations we have incorporated into Ecohabit.

8. What keeps you motivated to stay on the team and continue to work on the house?

The job is tiring and sometimes this project can be super stressful. What keeps me going is that in the end, everything is going to look so good!  Also, if we win, Stevens will have some awesome bragging rights!

9. What is one fun fact you want people to know about you?

A cool fact most people don’t know about me is that I first started at Stevens as a biomedical engineer, but had to switch because it was too difficult to balance art and engineering at the time.  (I’m a nerd like the rest of ‘em!)