22 Jul 2013
July 22, 2013

Student Spotlight: Claire Griffin

This week’s Student Spotlight features Claire Griffin, a mechanical engineer graduating in 2017.

1. How did you get involved with Solar Decathlon?

I was recommended for the Communications team by my first semester CAL professor. During the second semester I was really interested in what we were doing so I decided to stay with the project during the summer and do both construction and communications work.

2. Are you excited for the Xpo in Irvine, California? What are you planning on doing during your stay?

I’m super excited! I’m looking forward to cooking for the dinner party we have to throw and I hope we get to do a lot more vlogs.

3. What is your major and how are you contributing your skills to the project?

I’m a Mechanical Engineering major, so I’ve been trying to translate some of the engineering lingo so everyone can understand it in our blog posts. I’ve also been trying to help out the construction of the house as much as possible.

4. What Solar Decathlon team are you a part of?


5. What is your specific role in the project? What innovations have you personally made to the house?

As part of the Communications team my role is to make sure that all the information and updates about our house are available to those who want to know more about it. I also do blog posts, vlogs, website maintenance, jury narratives, and a few other things. I didn’t have much of a role in the designing of the house but I did help build the duct work!

6. Are you planning on aiding in the construction of the house?


7. Now that the seniors have graduated, do you think the Stevens team will be able to still accomplish its goals?

Totally. I’m an upcoming sophomore and I know there are a few younger people on the team who have been with it for a little over a semester so there are definitely enough knowledgeable people to get the job done. A lot of the recent alumni have been staying with the project too which is really nice to have.

8. Do you have any ideas for spreading the news about Ecohabit?

All the facebooks.

9. Is this your first Solar Decathlon competition? If not, how does this experience compare to the one you had building Empowerhouse?What skills have you acquired throughout the preparation for Solar D? How will you use these skills in your future career in industry or academia?

Yes! I just finished my freshman year so I wasn’t here for Empowerhouse.

10. What keeps you motivated to stay on the team and continue to work on the house?

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my writing style and skills from before I was on this team to now. Other than that, I’ve noticed that in order to do as well in the competition as we’d all like, a social media presence is super important so I really want to get as much of a following as I possibly can on facebook and twitter for the project!

11. What is one fun fact you want people to know about you?

I can lick my elbows!