14 Feb 2013
February 14, 2013

Student Spotlight: Ashley Montufar ’14

Courtney Gnash, a member of the Solar Decathlon Communications team, had the pleasure of interviewing Stevens Solar Decathlon team member Ashley Montufar ’14, originally from Moonachie, New Jersey. As a mechanical engineer, Ashley brings a technical mindedness to the team.

CG: Ashley, why do you love Stevens?

AM: I love Stevens because I truly feel like it has an outlet for every type of person. There is always somewhere I fit in.

CG: So, the diversity here inspires you?

AM: Yes! Stevens is filled with so many ambitious minds and people who are going places in this world. I love being a part of it.

CG: What inspired you to do Solar Decathlon?

AM: I did this because I feel it is so much more than just a senior design project; it’s something that I could be a part of that represents our school at the national level. Also, it is a fantastic learning experience and so amazing to see how all of the different majors and students can come together to build Ecohabit.

CG: It’s great to be a part of something so important and something that could be so huge for the Stevens name. What are you looking forward to currently for Solar Decathlon?

AM: Definitely 5:00 PM on 2/14 when we submit our biggest submission and deadline to the Department of Energy for Ecohabit!