20 Jun 2013
June 20, 2013

Sponsor Shoutout: Big Ass Fans

This week’s Sponsor Shoutout is towards Big Ass Fans, a company based in Lexington, Kentucky. They are donating fans to Ecohabit, ensuring that air will be circulated to make the house comfortable and stylish. Big Ass Fans, which are manufactured up to 24 feet in diameter, use their large size accompanied with low speed to circulate large amounts of air.

In the summer days, Big Ass Fans can be found in air-conditioned and non-air conditioned buildings. Although the movement of air does not actually lower the temperature of a room, people feel 10 degrees Fahrenheit cooler in a well-circulated room. In the winter, warm air tends to rise to the ceiling. Big Ass Fans are slowed down during the winter and help to move warm air around the room, creating a steady temperature and saving money on heating overall.

Big Ass Fans, like Ecohabit, is also interested in creating a sustainable future. Their testing facility was constructed with being eco-friendly in mind, using 35% less energy and 58% less water than a standard building. Also, their testing facility is an LEED Gold Certified building and has water conservation and waste reduction programs in place.

We’re so excited to have Big Ass Fans as a part of Ecohabit; thank you for your support!