26 Jul 2013
July 26, 2013

Construction Update: Week 15


Time is flying by as we continue constructing Ecohabit! This week we finished putting up the bioPCMs, as well as all of the duct work for our custom HVAC system. Our workers are finally free from the summer heat and have been able to work in the air conditioning. We put in our beautiful Sheoga bamboo flooring. The baseboards are finished, and our sheetrock guys are hard at work putting up drywall in the home.

On the outside of our home, we have begun putting up the metal racks that will be supporting our green wall. Also, all of our rain screens on the west wall are installed and looking gorgeous.

We’re so excited to see the interior of Ecohabit really begin to take shape. Next week we plan on installing more drywall, painting, and maybe even installing kitchen counters! Keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and our website to hear more about our construction work.