Ecohabit 5/31/13

Our student team has shifted to become an alumni team as Ecohabit team members who have recently graduated stay committed to the project and have been helping build the house. Ecohabit members who recently graduated Stevens returned to their alma mater to see this great project come to fruition. Every day, team members congregate at the build site overlooking the beautiful NYC skyline to help build the house.

Our team has made a lot of progress so far and has demonstrated a work ethic that could only come from Stevens students. The ‘shell’ of the house is almost completed with our walls constructed and our iconic roof in place. As for the interior, the wall frames have been put up and you can really see what the lay out of the house will be like. It’s amazing! Best of all, we have a fabulous view of the NYC skyline through our windows right now… Ecohabit boasts the best city view in Hoboken!

Ecohabit is steadily coming to life so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page so you can see the progress we’re making!

Happy building,