30 Aug 2013
August 30, 2013

Coming soon, Ecohabit Part Two!!

As the summer dwindles to an end so does the first installment of Ecohabit. After completely finishing the house and hosting a very successful open house we have begun to dismantle and pack up Ecohabit in preparation for its departure. We’ve all been super busy making sure there are no loose ends so we haven’t really had time to talk about all that we’ve been doing so here’s a little run down on what’s happened recently.

On Tuesday, August 20 we hosted a very successful open house to celebrate Ecohabit’s completion. Tons of people came to a small banquet we held on Stevens campus where speeches were made by the Dean of our School of Engineering & Science, the President of Stevens Institute of Technology, and one of our own team members. The banquet was followed by an open house where Ecohabit team members gave tours to everyone and anyone who wanted to know more about Ecohabit. The mayor of Hoboken even paid us a visit!

Shortly after our open house we very proudly announced that Ecohabit will be serving thousands of United States Veterans after the competition at California State University San Marcos. Due to CSUSM’s proximity to several military bases it has one of the highest percentages of Veteran students in America. We’re all very happy that Ecohabit will go on to be a permanent fixture on CSUSM’s campus and be able to help all of its Veteran’s students.

Now we’ve moved onto our last phase on the East Coast. Most of the furniture has already been boxed away and the house is slowly but surely being taken apart in preparation for its long trip to California. We’re sad to see it go but super excited to see what’s in store! We’ll be tracking the house on its journey and providing updates until the competition so make sure you stay up to date on the latest Ecohabit news!

We’d like to thank everyone that’s helped us with our project! We’ve received an overwhelming amount of support from President Farvardin, Dean Bruno, Dean Sheppard, Ed Hill, Mark Pollock, and John Nastasi and this project would not be what it is without their wonderful help!

Also Hoak.

Next up: Ecohabit leaving Hoboken to make its way to California! Stay tuned!