Plastic Bottle Wall

Who says green technology has to be new? A woman in Santa Cruz, Bolivia has been building homes that not only are durable and stable, but also are completely green by using recycled bottles as walls.

Ingrid Vaca Diez has been filling used soda bottles with dirt and mud and using them as bricks to create strong, insulated, and affordable houses for Bolivian families below the poverty line.

Her self-taught method of using recycled plastic bottles as bricks is ingenious, yet very similar in theory to other green technologies such as green walls. Green walls are walls composed of organic material that provide natural insulation, rainfall runoff preservation, and air quality improvements.

Ecohabit utilizes a green wall on the exterior of the house that is similar to the walls produced by Ingrid Vaca Diez. The purpose of a green wall is to provide a type of organic insulation that cools down rooms in extreme temperatures, but also retains heat and releases it into the home in cold temperatures.

With green technology being considered by most as a luxury reserved for those with adequate financial means, Diez’s methods redefine what one needs to have a truly green home.