Laboratory for the Study of Electron-Driven Processes

Prof. K. H. Becker

    Electron collisions with atoms, molecules and free radicals; experimental and theoretical studies of excitation, dissociation and ionization processes; measurement of electron attachment and detachment cross sections and rates; collision induced emission spectroscopy; laser-induced fluorescence experiments; collision processes in low-temperature plasmas; atomic processes in atmospheric pressure plasmas; application of collisional and spectroscopic data to plasma diagnostic techniques; atomic, molecular, and plasma processes in environmental systems; internal collaborations with the Center for Environmental Systems (CES) and the John Vossen Laboratory for Thin Film and Vacuum Technology; external collaborations with the Universität Greifswald and the Institut fr Niedertemperaturplasmaphysik (Institute for Low-Temperature Plasma Physics), Greifswald, Germany and the Universität Innsbruck, Austria.


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