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February 22, 2022
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Power of a Stevens Degree Reconfirmed

The university's 2021 Career Outcomes Report reveals more than 97% of recent graduates surveyed attained outcomes within six months of graduating, landing careers with top employers and admission to elite graduate schools.


Defusing Fake News, Using AI and Social Media

As false information about COVID-19 vaccines and other topics becomes widespread in social media, researchers from all four of Stevens' schools work to combat fake news.


Sweeping Nutrition Project to Analyze What We Eat

Stevens will participate in a wide-ranging, government-sponsored effort to analyze the diets of 10,000 Americans aimed at determining how foods affect people's individual health differently.


Stevens Joins NOAA Effort to Improve Water Quality

Stevens has joined a new NOAA-funded project to control runoff into rivers, lakes and the ocean with greener, more sustainable technologies.


Urban Flood Preparation, With Hoboken as a Lens

Stevens systems researchers dive into cities' preparations for extreme floods in urban areas, with the university's home city of Hoboken as a test case.

Stevens In the News


Climate-Driven Floods Will Disproportionately Affect Black Communities, Study Finds


3G Must Die So 5G Can Live


AI-Enabled Traffic Lights May Make Traffic Jams a Thing of the Past


All in the Numbers: A Look at ‘Astonishing’ Accomplishments at Stevens

IEEE Spectrum

These 5 Charts Help Demystify the Global Chip Shortage

Hoboken Patch

Hoboken High Dresses Down, Raises Money For Children's Hospital


Brain-Inspired Hardware Could Boost AI’s Ability to Learn


3/10: Professor Carlo Lipizzi (SSE), Siemens / Financial Times lecture "Future Cities Briefing: New York" at Carnegie Hall in New York City

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