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Korean Christian Fellowship

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     Stevens Korean Christian Fellowship(SKCF) is a Korean student group of Christians in SIT who get together in fellowship to encourage and support each other. Stevens Korean Christian Fellowship(SKCF) is a student group that is open to all. Whether you have been a Christian for years or just beginning to seek answers.

Muslim Student Association

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     The MSA was established at Stevens in 1994 to propagate the authentic beliefs and teachings of Islam through the study of the Holy Quran (the book of Allah, the Divine revelation) and the traditions of Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). It also provides a platform for all Muslims to come together and practice their beliefs. Another objective of the MSA is to provide correct information and awareness about Islam to the Non-Muslim community.

Stevens Hillel

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     The Stevens Hillel is a Jewish student organization on campus.

Stevens Christian Fellowship

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     The Stevens Christian Fellowship is a Christian student organization on campus.

The Newman Association

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     The Newman Association is a close-knit Catholic organization. We participate in many events each year, both on and off campus. Recent activities include a 30-hour famine, a trip to see mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral, a softball game...



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