Located on 802 Castle Point Terrace, The Lore-El Center is a beautiful, Victorian-style home that was built in 1914 that now provides a unique living and learning experience for involved and motivated undergraduate women of the Stevens Community.

The Lore-El Center is a special interest establishment that provides a one of a kind, exciting on-campus housing opportunity for those with interests in fostering leadership in young women, inspiring wellness throughout university life and after, promoting growth in interpersonal relationships and encouraging women to pursue innovative careers in fields such as medicine, engineering, technology advancement and more.

Residents of The Lore-El Center live together in a close community of women. This community brings together students who are involved in all aspects of life at Stevens. The women of Lore-El are student-athletes, research scholars, peer mentors, academic tutors and orientation leaders. Many participate in Greek life and are members of philanthropic organizations on campus. The residents are active supporters of Women’s Programming and are committed to a program that promotes growth in leadership, wellness, career development and interpersonal development. Within this students, staff, faculty and alumnae are brought together in environments outside of the classroom to provide a deeper level of learning, experience and mentoring.
Each academic year the women participate in workshops which address each of the categories promoted by the Center’s program. They take-part in events that provide cultural exposure, promote bonding among housemates and outreach to freshman women new to the Stevens community.

Each Spring, Stevens women can look forward to the Lore-El Open House, which is hosted by current residents and communicates the benefits the Lore-El program to potential new participants. The center is a dynamic environment that changes with the members of its community but is consistently an environment where personal/professional support and mentoring thrive and women leaders work to better the Stevens community as a whole.
The dedication of the Lore-El Center occurred on January 13th 1999 in honor of Miss Lore E Feiler. She was an innovative and successful New Jersey business woman. She was most dedicated to encouraging women to pursue careers in fields unconventional for their gender such as engineering and science. Feiler worked for the Arrow Manufacturing Company from 1937 to 1951 as the Plant Production Manger. She also ran her own company, the Lor-El Corporation. In the meanwhile, she was auditing classes at Stevens Institute of Technology.
In 1998, the Lore-El Center was recognized by the White House as a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring for its work showing students what engineers do and the contributions they make to their society.