Commonly asked questions

1. Why is KHODA membership secretive? 1. Membership in KHODA is not necessarily a secret - the choice is at the discretion of each member. The secret of KHODA is the privacy of its communications with others. This is in order to maintain the trust and confidence of those persons with whom KHODA may deal. Since KHODA primarily supports existing campus initiatives, an additional reason for secrecy is so that the credit for the completion of initiatives rightfully falls on those individuals who spearheaded the initiatives rather than KHODA itself. One of the key principles of KHODA membership is the desire to serve campus without the expectation of recognition - secrecy allows KHODA members to do this and avoid detracting from the accomplishments and efforts of others.
2. Who is KHODA? 2. KHODA consists of students who have completed at least 5 academic semesters at Stevens, are active and outstanding on Stevens campus, and look to promote the highest quality of student life. Stevens is a composite of many different organizations, and as such, KHODA members are selected with respect to their diverse involvements and ability to connect these various groups together to better Stevens for all. Not all KHODA members are students—Honorary Members are active members of the faculty, staff or alumni who show an earnest desire to act in the best interest of the Student body and are well-known for their cordiality and influence on campus.
3. How does KHODA accomplish the things we want do? 3. KHODA and its members do not have a personal agenda, but rather work to advance existing initiatives on campus. As a group, we collectively work together to identify initiatives, concerns, and ideas that are present on campus. From there, we try our best to assist the students who are responsible for the furthering of those things, so they can make the biggest impact on campus.
4. How does KHODA better the school? 4. KHODA does so by connecting various aspects of the Stevens community. Members of KHODA have diverse involvements on campus, and have likely held executive board positions in their respective organizations. The time and dedication to which each KHODA member has given to their organizations has allowed them to gain key insight as to how their organization is best run, which can then be expanded to other groups on campus. During our meetings, we facilitate discussions about current concerns on campus and in our affiliations, and given our experiences in leadership roles, we offer advice to one another when applicable, as well as reach out to honoraries/advisors to seek their advice.
5. Are KHODA members "spies" for the administation? 5. Members often have close relationships with faculty members due to involvement in other areas of campus life. It is important to note that, just because we have these relationships, KHODA does not act on behalf of the administration. Often, Khoda members are the biggest dissenters from the administration.
6. Does KHODA have access to administration that other students do not have? 6. Khoda does not inherently give you more access to administration; what Khoda is useful for is clarifying what those channels are. Additionally, hiding that information would be contrary to our values and a disservice to campus. Another real big fundamental is that Khoda is support. We’re trying to support people on campus who are doing great work. If we have information that could help them, we’re going to share it.
7. How do members feel comfortable representing the student body, despite never being elected/ voted by the student body? 7. KHODA does not represent the student body, but rather work together to form a collective perspective from the various organizations that we have been a part of. We speak on behalf of our experiences from a wide range of areas of campus.
8. How is KHODA different than other existing representative bodies on campus, such as SGA and Gear and Triangle? 8. KHODA, as an organization, does not implement change, but rather acts as think tank of diverse and seasoned campus leaders to discuss issues seen on campus. From these discussions, members of KHODA bring these ideas and improvements to the organizations on campus that would be responsible for implementing these changes.
9. How do I contact/speak to the members of Khoda? 9. Please email with your concerns, we would be happy to address them!