Rho Omega – Kappa Sigma  Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Left to Right: Grand Procurator Joe Katerba, Grand Master of Ceremonies Jake Coumans, Grand Scribe Zach George, Grand Master Sawyer Coleman, and Grand Treasurer Greg McNeil.

Grand Master Sawyer Coleman

Sawyer Coleman

Grand Master

Bachelor’s of Engineering, Software Engineering
Class of 2018

Grand Procurator Joseph Katerba

Joseph Katerba

Grand Procurator

Master’s of Engineering, Engineering/Industrial Management
Bachelor’s of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2018


Jacob Coumans

Grand Master of Ceremonies

Bachelor’s of Engineering, Biomedical/Medical Engineering
Class of 2018


Gregory McNeil

Grand Treasurer

Master’s of Engineering, Systems Engineering
Bachlor’s of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Class of 2018


Zach George

Grand Scribe

Bachlor’s of Engineering,Biomedical/Medical Engineering
Class of 2018