Rally Point Animations

These animations show a number of units moving toward a rally point. Circles represent the radius of an ad hoc radio cell.

The figure above shows movement on a city grid.


Here is a rally point using an algorithm involving software defined radio; units can detect other units in the larger blue circle, which can direct their movements to already connected units.

The one above is an off-lattice simulation.

This link shows the same starting configuration moving toward four rally points, which are assumed to be connected through some network mechanism such as a LAN or a microwave link.

Here, the units are typed. Robots are black, humans are green. The human to robot ratio is 1:5. Humans wait
until the robots are assembled before moving - the idea being to reduce
danger and reduce human energy. Humans are the leaves of the tree, except for those already in the hot zone. Even with the wait, the assembly is still faster than 50 humans without the robots.

Rally Points work in 3D also.

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