The Indian Graduate Student’s Association (IGSA) is an initiative undertaken by the Indian student body at the Stevens Institute of Technology. IGSA endeavors to showcase the rich, composite Indian culture and bridge the distance by practicing unique Indian customs, thoughts and ideas.


Every fall semester, a party, with much fanfare and quintessential Indian splendor, is organized to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights – an Indian equivalent of Christmas in the West. Subsequently, in the Spring semester, the Festival of Colors, Holi, spreads much color and joy around!


IGSA is renowned at Stevens for bringing to fore Indian dance forms and music. It also takes pride in tantalizing many a palates by presenting on campus the Indian cuisine in all its glory and bringing recipes across seas from the Land of Chicken Tikka!


IGSA is marching ahead as one of the most thriving graduate student committees and looks forward to many eventful semesters ahead. We solicit your support to make this effort stronger and even more successful so that we can continue to make people at Stevens groove to the Bhangra, enjoy the masalas and come to experience the great culture of !ndia

Upcomming Event - General Body Meeting 6th Feb 2014

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