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Honor Integrity Respect

Presidential Statement on Integrity

Honor, integrity, and respect are at the core of Stevens’ mission to inspire, nurture and educate leaders in tomorrow’s technology-centric environment while contributing to the solution of the most challenging problems of our time. Since 1908, the Stevens Honor System has upheld these values among students, faculty, and administrators, building a strong foundation for the prestige and success that has come to define a Stevens education. For teaching and learning to thrive, for innovation to flourish, and to cultivate the exchange of knowledge and the spirit of academic inquiry, our community members must hold ourselves and each other accountable for adhering to the tenets of the Honor System. This means instilling in our community members the responsibility to choose to do what is right over what is easy, to avoid and denounce dishonest behaviors that undermine institutional values, and to commit to conduct that reinforces fairness and academic integrity. These tenets safeguard the high value and quality of research and academics at Stevens, ensuring that our students, graduates, faculty, and administrators are honest, trustworthy, and ethical collaborators, colleagues, and citizens who expand Stevens’ influence and impact and achieve honorable personal and professional success.

-President Nariman Favardin

Honor System

Formed in 1908, the Stevens Honor System and the Honor Board that governs it were developed to fulfill two main objectives: to ensure that submitted work can be trusted as a student’s own and to promote a sense of honor and integrity in preparation for the professional world.

The Honor System is only effective with the continued support of the students, faculty, and administration at Stevens. The Honor Board, the governing body of the Honor System, serves to ensure that academic integrity is upheld around campus.

What it means to us

"Learning within the Stevens Honor System has allowed me to become the accountable, diligent, and mature young woman that I have envisioned myself to be by the end of my undergraduate career." - Olivia Schreiber

"The Honor System, to me, means my home on Stevens campus. It means giving myself to a cause I believe in, and leading others to obtain their degree with integrity." - Emily Fea

“Every day, we have the choice to be honorable, to make decisions with integrity and respect clearly in mind. The Honor System represents the embodiment of such a mindset, where, as a community, we are able to consistently hold each other to a high moral standard. This is a vital aspect of Stevens, as the pursuit of honor, integrity, and respect will not only lead to success for an individual here at Stevens, but success for an entire lifetime.” - Lucas Heldman

"Every time we write and sign the pledge it means we have promised that our work, whether correct or not, is our work. That we have respected ourselves, our peers, and the degree we strive to earn by learning the material, trying our best, and receiving the grades that we truly worked for. It reflects on not only our academic character but who we are as a person as well." - Victoria Stabile

"The Honor System means giving every student at Stevens an equal opportunity to succeed." - Laura Murphy

"To me, the Honor System means ensuring academic equality for all Stevens students." - Timothy Kolankowski

"It’s a way to ensure we are all accountable and held to the same standard." - Jonathan Eugenio

"The Honor System means providing an equal chance for all students to achieve academic success and ensure that the rights of the student body are protected." - Steven Nichols

"To uphold Stevens’ credibility and create a fair playing field for everyone." - Ava Tartaglia

"I believe the Honor System is a testament to how important academic integrity is to Stevens students and represents the values of Stevens alumni and students." - Lauren Chen

"To me, the Honor System is about maintaining integrity and accountability as a member of the Stevens community and academia." - Joseph King

"The Stevens Honor System represents a community of students who make a promise to uphold an atmosphere of fairness. It is an age-old promise that has been held for many generations and will continue to persist, distinguishing Stevens students from those from other universities." - Nicholas Csapo

"To me, the Stevens Honor System provides us, students, an opportunity to show that we are capable of upholding our merit, trust, and accountability towards our community and work ethics." - James Fong

"Justice" - Jack Kraszewski

"The Honor System ensures that despite all of our differences within the Stevens community, we are all held accountable to the same standards and given an equal footing in the classroom." - Akshay Sampath

"The constant upholding of the honor and integrity of the Stevens degree, and constantly holding each other accountable to allow for growth into the best version of ourselves." - Gabrielle McCormack

"Stevens' Honor System is an invaluable benefit to its students in that it preserves the prestige of their education, and protects their academic rights." -Connor O'Hara

"To me, the Honor System symbolizes trust between students that together we can hold one another accountable. It shows that the student body cares about academics and wants the value of their degree at Stevens to have meaning. The Honor System is the glue that holds the student body together, and spans generations of Stevens alumni in the past and future students. It is a System I am proud to help enforce." - Jhustin Scarlett

"The Honor System, to me, is a standard where everyone has an equal opportunity to achieve success in a classroom. A place where the only way to get ahead is by pushing yourself, working hard, and thus becoming a true Stevens student. It serves as a constant reminder to go the extra mile and take pride in my hard work." - Mohkum Sethi

"I feel as though having the Honor System ensures that there's a group of people always looking after my best interest - whether I be the reporting student that feels like there is a threat to academic integrity or the responsible student that is learning from their mistakes." - Danielle Gannon

"For me, the Honor System has always been about the trust that we, as students, instill in each other and our professors to act fairly and professionally. It is a set of moral principles that we should follow, both in academia and throughout our lives." - Stephen Cornwell

"The Honor Board is an upholder the principles of Stevens, integrity and honesty, to all members of the community." - Shania Taylor

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