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Thomson Reuters News Analytics

Thomson Reuters News Analytics (TRNA) is a natural language processing system that reads and scores Reuters news articles in real time for algorithmic traders and market participants. Thomson Reuters News Analytics uses sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to scan and analyze stories on thousands of companies in real-time and feed the results into your quantitative strategies. The system’s output can be used to power quantitative strategies across markets, asset classes, and all trading frequencies, support human decision making, and assist with risk management and asset allocation decisions.

The Advantage
Uniquely powerful technology – Powered by an unparalleled natural language processing system from linguistics technology innovator Lexalytics, Thomson Reuters News Analytics scores text across the following primary dimensions:

  • Author sentiment – metrics for how positive, negative or neutral the tone of the item is, specific to each company in the article
  • Relevance – how relevant or substantive the story is for a particular item
  • Volume analysis – how much news is happening on a particular company
  • Uniqueness – how new or repetitive the item is over various time periods
  • Headline analysis – denotes special features such as broker actions, pricing commentary, interviews, exclusives, and wrap-ups, among many others

In addition, the system’s rich metadata includes:

  • Company identifiers
  • Topic codes – identifying subject matter
  • Stage of the story – alert, article, update, etc.
  • Business sector and geographic classification codes
  • Index references to similar articles

User Scenarios

  • Quantitative Investment and Trading strategies – The trading and investment signals from news analytics are applicable across all trading frequencies and provide an incremental source of alpha over traditional quantitative factors
  • Algorithmic trading – Enhance algorithmic strategies with automated circuit breakers or develop news algorithms which take advantage of the ability to better predict trading volumes, price volatility, and directional movements
  • Market making – Widen spreads or pull quotes when there is significant negative news impacting your activity in a particular tock
  • Portfolio management – Improve asset allocation decisions by benchmarking portfolio sentiment and calculating sector weightings
  • Fundamental analysis – Forecast stock, sector, and market outlooks more comprehensively
  • Risk management – Understand abnormal risks to your portfolio and develop potential sentiment hedges
  • Corporates – Track and benchmark your media coverage as well as that of your competitors

Why Thomson Reuters News Analytics?

Thomson Reuters is also the leading provider of machine-readable news services powering both quantitative strategies and human decision support by combining the broadest news coverage, access to exclusive market-moving content, market-leading natural language processing capabilities and the lowest-latency delivery of critical information.

Broad coverage

Thomson Reuters News Analytics scores news items on over 25,000 equities and nearly 40 commodities and energy topics – the only service of its kind on the market.

Enhanced flexibility

Thomson Reuters News Analytics data can be delivered as a deployed solution at a customer’s site, via our hosting solutions, or through Thomson Reuters Quantitative Analytics. The system leverages Thomson Reuters standard APIs, symbology, and robustness of the Thomson Reuters Enterprise Platform for Real Time which powers some 50,000 applications at over 2,600 sites worldwide.

Powered by Reuters News

Thomson Reuters Machine Readable News is powered by Reuters News and so benefits from over 150 years of experience. Reuters News boasts over 2,800 journalists in 200 bureaux worldwide. It is seen by 1 billion people daily and generates over 800,000 alerts and 2.5 million unique stories in 21 languages.

Part of a complete quant solution

Thomson Reuters Quant and Event Driven Trading provides unique content, technology and data management capabilities designed to give firms the edge in quantitative research and analysis. Our market data, news and analytics enable clients to more effectively develop and back-test event-based investment and quantitative trading strategies. The solution also allows seamless deployment of such strategies in a real-time environment for the generation of alpha and the management of event risk.

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