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Dr. Houlihan is a Adjunct Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. Previously, Mr. Houlihan founded a financial data analytics company, SentiQuant, worked as a Senior Field Applications Engineer for NVIDIA(NASDAQ: NVDA) supporting GPU and Compute products for Dell Consumer (Dimension), Senior Field Applications Engineer for Altera (NASDAQ: ALTR), covering Hewlett Packard's workstation and server lines. He also worked at Multilink Technology (IPO Debut in 2001 NASDAQ: MLTC; later acquired by Vitesse; later acquired by MicroSemi) as a Field Application Engineer designing in OC-192 GaaS and SiGe semiconductors into ultra long-haul optical transmission gear. Additionally, he held Field Application Engineering roles at Altium and Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW). Mr. Houlihan received his MSFE from Stevens Institute of Technology and both an MBA in Investment Management and BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

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Patrick Houlihan
Adjunct Professor at School of Business.