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Arniza Abazi, Ph.D. Email: aabazi@stevens.edu<br />
Rupak Chatterjee, Ph.D. Email: rupak.chatterjee@citi.com

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Adjunct Professors

Arniza Abazi, Ph.D.
Rupak Chatterjee, Ph.D.t
Ionut Florescu, Ph.D.
Xugong Li, Ph.D.
Alec Schmidt, Ph.D.
Joseph Sieczkowsk, Ph.D.
Jim Wang, Ph.D.

Email: aabazi@stevens.edu
Email: rupak.chatterjee@citi.com
Email: ionut.florescu@stevens.edu
Email: xli7@stevens.edu
Email: alec.schmidt@stevens.edu
Email: jsieczko@stevens.edu
Email: jim.wang@stevens.edu