From The Collected Writings of RSRH

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The Relevance of Secular Studies to Jewish Education (Collected Writings VII)

Lessons From Jacob and Esau (Collected Writings VII)

Teveth I The Tenth of Teveth-The Wanderdoom (Galuth) of the Jewish People and its Significance (Collected Writings II)

Sivan I (Collected Writings I)

Kislev_I The Prayer for Rain  (Collected Writings II)

  Kislev_II Hellenism and Judaism  (Collected Writings II)

   Kislev_VI Chanukah: Consecration and Inspiration in Judaism (Collected Writings II)

Our Prophets Speak to Us by Rav Dr. Yosef Breuer (Collected Writings IV)

Ben Sorar Umoreh by RSRH (Collected Writing VII)

The Jewish Woman (Collected Writings VIII) Pages 83 - 94 Pages 95 - 112  Pages 113 - 135

Beauty and Long Life (Collected Writings VIII:  pages 137 - 144)

Religion Allied to Progress (Collected Writings)