For additional answers to questions not listed, contact SFCC@stevens.edu .


Prospective Students
Students interested in participating in this program should contact:
Judithe A. Pragluski
Technical Education Coordinator
Organizational & Management Development
Office: 860.433.4074
Fax: 860.433.2868

What course delivery formats are available?

Courses are available on-site and online for General Dynamics Electric Boat students, and courses are worth three graduate credits each.  The on-site module format occurs in two 3-day intensive sessions and typically have pre-reading and project work requirements during the intersession period between lecture periods (if split) or after a  week-long session.

The online format follows a more traditional Fall/Spring I & II/Summer semester format, with opportunities for both synchronous and asynchronous learning.  Classes can meet regularly together online, or participation can occur via online discussions and periodic assessments of learning via tests, depending on the nature of the class and the professor.


What times do the live class sessions occur?

The scheduled session times for General Dynamic Electric Boat are Thursdays, 4pm-9pm; Fridays, 8am-4pm; Saturdays, 9am-3pm.   Students must attend both Session A and Session B.


How do I register for a class?


To enroll in:

Core courses offered onsite at GD Electric Boat, as part of the Systems Engineering program, please enroll at /gdeb/registration/core-course-schedule.


Online core or specialty certificate course electives , please contact sfcc@stevens.edu.


What are the tuition and fees?


Tuition rates and applicable fees located at www.stevens.edu/sit/graduate/tuition.  For Electric Boat students taking courses on-site, only the following fees will apply: Application for Candidacy fee (Masters/Graduate Certificate) and any applicable late fees.

Fees such as application fee, enrollment, and technology fee will be waived for Electric Boat employees.

As of Fall 2013, Stevens is participating in direct billing with GDEB.  Actual reimbursement will be per General Dynamic Electric Boat reimbursement guidelines. Visit General Dynamic Electric Boat's homepage and click on link for Technical education for additional information or contact Judy Pragluski at jpraglus@gdeb.com or 860-867-4186.


How do I apply for Admissions to Stevens Institute of Technology?


If you would like to obtain a Graduate Certificate or Master’s degree at Stevens, you will need to apply for admission.  Students may take up to two courses at Stevens prior to being accepted into a formal degree program.  Please fill out an Application for Admission,  and send transcripts to:

Student and Faculty Care Center
Stevens Institute of Technology
1 Castle Point on Hudson
Babbio Center, 5th Fl
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Fax:  201 216 5080
Email: sfcc@stevens.edu


How do I apply credit for coursework I've taken at other institutions?


Once accepted to the program, please complete the Application for Transfer Credit, and provide supporting documentation, after discussing with your Advisor for approval.  Stevens typically accepts up to three courses (nine credits) from other institutions towards a graduate degree.

Is there a specific order for courses in Graduate Certificate courses?

While there is no specific order required for six-course Graduate Certificates, some courses have pre-requisites.  Please review course requirements to determine whether you need to complete prerequisites.


Current Students


Am I finished with the course after the Session A/B live sessions? 

No – these courses are structured so that you can complete the classroom hours required for obtaining graduate credit for these courses in during live sessions of intensive classroom hours, while reserving your out-of-classroom work for the period following the initial classroom hours.

What if I miss a class?  

Since the format is intensive with classroom hours concentrated shortened period, classroom attendance is critical.   In the event that you miss a class, you will either need to complete make up work, or repeat the class, depending on the amount of time missed, in accordance with the SDOE attendance policy (see below). 


Contact the course professor or the Student and Faculty Care Center at sfcc@stevens.edu if an absence should occur.


Once a student enrolls in a class and is registered, if a student does not inform the Student and Faculty Care Center about not attending a course prior to the start of the course, the student will be responsible for the tuition.



SDOE Attendance Policy


Each SDOE module contains the equivalent content of a traditionally taught, thirteen-week graduate course. These modules are delivered in a compressed fashion. While this format provides greater flexibility to the full-time professional student, it also requires a particular focus on student attendance. Therefore, the SDOE Attendance Policy is as follows:
• Students are expected to attend all class sessions
• In the event of either a business critical or personal critical impact, the student
may be excused, with make-up work, as follows:

Time MissedApproverMake-Up Work
< 4 Total HoursCourse InstructorDiscretion of Instructor
4-8 Total HoursAssociate Dean, Professional ProgramsAssignment Consistent with Missed Time
> 8 Total HoursAssociate Dean, Professional ProgramsStudent May be Required to Repeat Course


How do I make a payment?


Students can make a payment online, with a paper check, with a credit card, or with a government or corporate pcard.  For detailed instructions, see Instructions for Making a Payment.


How do I get a student email login and password?

Students are issued a "Pipeline" student email login id and password when they are admitted to Stevens Institute of Technology.   You will receive your login with your initial course information and/or with your acceptance letter on admission.

What do I do if my login/password is not working?


If you do not have your Pipeline username and initial password, contact the Student and Faculty Care Center at sfcc@stevens.edu or 201.216.8758 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 201.216.8758 end_of_the_skype_highlighting.
To reset your password, click here: https://acctmgt.stevens.edu/pipeline/

I am a Graduate Certificate student.  How do I continue on to complete Master's degree?

At any time during your coursework for a Graduate Certificate, you can indicate your desire to enroll in a Master's Program at Stevens Institute of Technology.  Please email sfcc@stevens.edu if you would like us to submit your application materials that you have already submit for a Graduate Certificate for review towards a Masters Degree.

What is the tuition payment and withdrawal policy for courses I've started at Stevens?

First day of lectureEnd of Add/Drop Period for course. Last day to receive a 100% refund for course(s).
One week after lecture session (first lecture session incase of a split session)After this date tuition minus $550 will be charged and student will be switched to non-credit
30 days after grades postedLate fee of $550 will apply after this date


How do I obtain copies of my Stevens transcripts, including to send to other institutions?

•    Students can obtain their grades by going to www.stevens.edu/MyStevens
•    Login using your pipeline username and password
•    Select Student Web Self Services and Click on "Student and Financial Aid"
•    Under Student Records, Select “UnOfficial Transcript”

If you need official copies of transcripts, must complete the Transcript Request Form,  and send to the Registrar’s office.

How can I obtain my grades?

•    Students can obtain their grades by going to www.stevens.edu/MyStevens
•    Login using your pipeline username and password
•    Select Student Web Self Services and Click on "Student and Financial Aid"
•    Under Student Records, Select “Grades”

When will my grades be posted?

Grades will be posted three weeks after completion of the course.  Contact sfcc@stevens.edu if you do not see a grade by this time.

What if I cannot complete the requirements of a course?

If you are unable to meet the requirements of the course, you have the option to file for an Incomplete status via the Incomplete/Absent (INC/ABS) Petition.   This form is used to petition the Registrar's Office for the grade of INComplete or ABSent and must have the signatures of faculty, department head and dean. A petition for an INC must be filed before the last day of class of a given semester. Please fax form to 201 216 5080 or email to sfcc@stevens.edu.

How am I assigned an advisor?

Your advisor will be listed on your Letter of Acceptance Stevens Institute of Technology.  If you need assistance obtaining your advisor's name and contact information, please email sfcc@stevens.edu.

What steps do I need to take to ensure I receive documentation of completion for my Graduate Certificate and/or Master's Degree?


An Application for Candidacy is a document that verifies you have completed the requirements for graduation, and is mandatory for graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology, and obtaining your Graduate Certificate, and Diploma.  Six months prior to the completion of your coursework for your graduate certificate, please submit the attached form to FAX 800-261-0177 or email to sfcc@stevens.edu.  Once the form has been signed by your advisor and approved, you will be notified and and billed accordingly.  See link for Graduate Certificate version of form, and Masters/Doctoral version of form.  For Graduation Fees, click here.